Fruit Snacks!

February 1, 2011 at 4:36 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments
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It’s so funny to hear him say this, I just had to shoot some video. I love how he keeps saying it, even as he’s eating it.

Liam’s new obsession

Liam has another new obsession. I picked up the documentary Babies and put it on for Liam to watch over the weekend. He just sat there going, “Babies, babies, babies!” and he didn’t get up from his chair for almost an hour! Now when he wants to watch it, he asks me for the, “Baby Show.” A nice break from the standard Curious George and Dinosaur Train.



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  1. So my funny story about “Babies”: I was watching it On Demand one night while on maternity leave and Syd was upstairs wailing her head off and I thought it was one of the babies in the movie. Yup “mother of the year” <—that's ME!

    Overall I thought the movie was a bit 'eh' but found the huge cultural differences interesting…like how the African kid just ate and crawled in dirt the entire time and here in America people were yelling at me because we never put socks on Syds feet until she started wearing shoes. Go figure!

  2. Be warned… fruit snacks are evil. Just had a battle over them today because that is all he wants to eat. So much so that he helped himself to a couple of packages while I was out shoveling snow. Yeah, that earned him a time out and early nap time… and I moved the box out of reach.

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