Nothing gold can stay

February 10, 2011 at 4:29 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

My favorite quote from The Outsiders (and of course, Robert Frost)…

Just as I was marveling at how great things have been — staying at home with Liam and doing some work on the side, having a foot in both worlds –- now it’s coming to an end. Another company bought the magazine I’ve been designing for years, and they will no longer be needing my services. I’ll be finishing up this issue and possibly the next, but after that I’ll be off the masthead. I was even informed that another designer in New York has already redesigned the magazine. Which makes me feel a little violated, like some stranger has rifled through my underwear drawer. But, I’m sad to say, the work I’ve done for them this year has felt more like a paycheck and less like good graphic design, so maybe it’s time.

I’m also sad to report that McMommy has officially declared the retirement of the McMommy Chronicles, a blog I’ve followed for a few years. I love her writing style and sense of humor, and it’s a shame she’s decided to hang up her hat.

Always the optimist, upon leaving this golden hour, I’m contemplating what lies ahead. I’ll have more time on my hands, getting naps and evenings back, and I’m thinking of trying out online yoga at (Thanks for the suggestion, Jess!) For only $18 a month, I can “attend” any number of yoga classes in the comfort of my home office, which has the space and hardwood floors to accommodate a mat. I’ve even got all the props I need – blankets,  bolster, brick, a belt. Sounds like the perfect way to spend Liam’s afternoon nap times.

On the downside, we’ll be losing a bit of monthly income. Luckily I just invoiced for all the media kits I did at the end of last year, so that sizeable check might go toward keeping us afloat. And there’s also our tax refund, assuming we get one this year. I can’t help but feel that there’s no sense in worrying about how this is all going to turn out. Fate has a way of intervening (and/or screwing up my plans), so my only plan is to cross that bridge as we come to it. I’d still like to enroll Liam in preschool for September, despite the extra cost. Perhaps I’ll get another freelance gig, or maybe James will get one of these overseas positions (which will make preschool a moot issue, but means we won’t have to pay rent for awhile). Whatever happens, I’m ready for a change. It feels like we’ve been hunkering down in DC for a long time, certainly longer than any other place we’ve lived in the last six years. This might just be the first step toward…what? I don’t know. Something. The time feels right…for something. Else.  

So c’mon fate. Bring it.


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