A triumphant return to the slide

February 17, 2011 at 6:28 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Today was one of those beautiful, unseasonably-warm days in February, so after cleaning the house at neck-break speed, I packed us a picnic lunch and strolled up with Liam to the park. This park has three slides: a short one for the little kids, a long one for the bigger kids, and a curvy one, also for the bigger kids. Here’s the thing about Liam. Although last spring he surprised me by getting on his tummy and going feet first down the slide all by himself, for some reason he throws a fit when I even suggest that he might want to go down the slide. Even if it’s on my lap. Usually I just give up, but this time I decided to coax him a little more fervently. And by coax, I mean grab him kicking and screaming, hold him on the lap, and slide down. Then exclaim how much FUN that was, all while he’s whining and giving me a distrustful look.

See yesterday’s post for mommy of the year.

I tried this stunt a couple of times, once on the long slide and once on the short slide. And both times same result, whining and stink eye. So I figured, whatever, he’ll sort it out eventually. And wouldn’t you know it, about 10 minutes before we needed to leave, he suddenly wanted to try the curvy slide. With mommy, of course, though I asked him a few times if he wanted to try it on his own. Emphatic, “no.” So half a dozen times I had to put him up on the platform, follow him up another three sizeable steps, put him on my lap, and sliiiiiiiide down with a hearty, “Wheeee!” Despite a high in the upper 60s today, there was a small patch of ice at the bottom of the slide, which Liam wanted to stomp on each time, saying, “Ice! Slippery!” I cried uncle around 1:45, and he was out cold by 2:30. In fact, I should probably go wake him up for dinner soon! Blessed three-hour nap!


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