I hate diets

February 20, 2011 at 4:41 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

I truly hate them. I’ve tried a few – Sugar Busters, Weight Watchers, simply cutting out fast food – but they never last. And, sure, I lost over 20 pounds when I went on my crazy IC diet four years ago. I worked at home, did Pilates every morning, and went to bed hungry. It’s probably the thinnest I’ve ever been (post high school, of course), but I was also cranky, hungry, practically addicted to Ambien, and because I could never stick to the diet for any length of time once my symptoms got better, dealing with a lot of pain. Thankfully the pregnancy seems to have lessoned my symptoms a bit, and I can manage any painful evenings with a couple Tylenol PM.

So when my friend told me she’d lost 16 pounds using a calorie-counting iPhone app, I wondered if this calorie counting thing could work for me. I downloaded MyFitnessPal (also a website) last Sunday, and have already lost 3 pounds! The genius behind this clever tool is that you can save meals and foods, search for meals from restaurants, and input various exercises with all of the calories calculated for you. You can even input your own recipes and it’ll calculate the nutritional value for everything. You can track your sugar (a plus for my IC problem), cholesterol, fat, carbs, and vitamin intake. They even include “pushing child in stroller” as an exercise. This worked out so well for me. For instance, on Friday Liam and I went to downtown Bethesda for his haircut, and we always go to Five Guys for burgers and fries afterward. I was able to calculate the calories for my meal (over a 1,000, yikes!), but then I figured if I walked on the Capital-Crescent Trail for an hour and ate a low-calorie breakfast and dinner, I would still meet my goals. And meet them I did! It’s also been an eye-opener to some of the foods I eat, like my 240 calorie Chai Tea from Starbucks, or my 600 calorie Wanchai Ferry dinners.

Sure, it’s still a pain in the ass to input all this stuff. But it’s also fun to see my progress, and feel like I’ve got some wiggle room to eat some of the bad foods I love to indulge in. Pilates doesn’t burn as much as I’d hoped (only about 150 calories) but bike riding, even at a leisurely pace, can burn over 400 over two hours, which is typically how long I ride with Liam. When spring finally arrives, I’m hoping to fit in more exercising, which should allow me a few more food indulgences. And with any luck by the time summer arrives, I can fit my lard butt into those shorts I couldn’t wear last year. Assuming I don’t lose interest in this endeavor. I mean, it is still a DIET, which to recap, I HATE. So wish me luck!


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