Planes, Trains, and wine!

February 24, 2011 at 10:32 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

IMG_0344Today Liam and I had two meetups, something I usually avoid, but they were both on the same day. In the morning we went to the College Park Aviation Museum for story time, a craft, and a look around the museum. We met with a couple of moms we’ve seen before, but of course Liam acted like we’d never met them and clung to me fiercely for the first 15 minutes. He listened to the story somewhat (though mostly pointed up to the planes in the ceiling, crying, “Airplane!”), wanted NOTHING to do with the craft, but perked up a bit when he got to turn a propeller and fiddle with some dials in the children’s area. I managed to coax him into the cockpit of a plane open for kids to climb on, IMG_0347and he didn’t object too much when friends Will and Griffin decided to join him. If it had been warmer outside I would have packed a lunch and eaten in their outdoor courtyard. Perhaps we’ll try that during Jill and Evie’s visit in March.

After a too-brief nap, we set off on the Metro (choo choo!!) to the National Portrait Gallery for happy hour in the atrium. We’ve done this a handful of times, and every time Liam stays in his stroller for the first 15 minutes, thenIMG_0349 graduates to my lap, and then maybe…maybe…he gets down and runs around a little. A couple of moms had to leave early, so we stayed with one mom and her 15-month-old son, who was also a little shy. Pretty soon they were both running around while we moms happily sipped our wine. This is quickly becoming my favorite repeat play date, and I think once the weather warms I’ll be putting this on the meetup calendar more often. Cheers to that! And best of all, Liam doesn’t mind leaving a bit because he can’t wait to get back on the train!


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