Making the best of things

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Day two of baby yoga boot camp did not go well. The morning started out beautifully. It was extremely warm, almost 60, so I loaded a very happy Liam into the Boba, and we marched our merry way to the Metro. As usual, Liam delighted in the train ride. We stopped off for chai and had snacks in the lobby before class. He was in good spirits, saying Hi to every person who walked by. I thought surely he’d be in a good mood for class. But as more and more kids arrived, Liam got more and more nervous. I managed to coax him into the room sooner than I’d been able to do Sunday, but he refused to participate in any activity, and only seemed happy looking out the window. He kept whining,”Outside,” and,”Go home!” he worked himself up into such a state that we had to leave early. Out in the dressing room with his snack cup, he was completely fine.

We walked down to the Metro amid wind and brewing clouds. This is always my favorite moment before a big spring storm, so we stood for awhile outside the station, Liam watching trains and Mommy watching the sky. We ducked into the station just as the rain picked up, and by the time we made it to the covered platform above, it was a deluge.

The train to Union Station pulled up just at that moment, and I impulsively boarded. A walk home in this downpour didn’t sound as fun as a stroll and lunch in the city. And Liam certainly didn’t mind the longer train ride.

Union Station bustled with the lunch crowd, and we lost ourselves among the throng. Liam rode happily on my back, feeling safe in crowds that usually upset him. I came across a sushi stand, and realized it’d been several months since I had indulged in yummy raw fish. I got some eel and salmon to go, a banana and chips for Liam at another stand, and sat us in the corner away from the hustle and bustle. Liam sat like a good boy in a chair, his chin resting on the table while he munched on fritos. Refreshing to skip the ordeal of finding and setting up a high chair. The sushi was quite good, especially for the price. Really hit the spot and made up for my disappointing morning.

The rain let up by the time we got home, and soon it was naptime. A perfect dreary day for sleeping.

Today we’re off to story time at a bookstore in Rockville. Its sure to be crowded, so crossing my fingers Liam doesn’t spazz out again. He usually does better when I’m just holding him and watching instead of trying to get him to participate in something. I really should give up the idea he’s going to outgrow this. He is so much like James!


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