A wintertime swim

March 5, 2011 at 9:28 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

I was curious to see if Liam’s swim trunks from last year still fit (and they did!), so Liam got to run around in his swimwear all Thursday morning. He ran to the back door and pointed, I assume thinking we were going to go swimming. So I told him we’d try going to the indoor pool on Friday.

Friday morning I packed up his old diaper bag, loaded up the stroller, and got an early start. He loves the train so much, I thought it’d be fun to ride the train all the way around, which takes a little under an hour. But there were delays, so it took more like an hour and a half. Which was ok, actually. I caught up on some podcasts, and Liam doesn’t mind staying on the train a bit. But then there was drama in the locker room. A snack placated him just enough for me to get his swim trunks on. But then the bag knocked over triggering the hand dryer, and, oh my god, you’d thought the ceiling had come down or something! I quickly threw our gear into a locker, contemplated leaving, but then we’d been on the train so long and already paid the $10 admission to the pool. This kid was gonna swim, dammit!

Have I mentioned that two is not my favorite age?

The water in the zero-entry baby pool felt like a lukewarm bath, and soon enough Liam calmed down enough to enjoy it. He wouldn’t leave my lap even though we were the only ones there. But that’s ok. I’d purposely intended for this to be a mommy and Liam day, no play dates or meetups, no other moms. Liam was getting my full attention. Of course some other kids and moms and nannies did arrive, and while I tried to strike up a conversation with one nanny and her very friendly 3-year-old charge, Liam wanted to keep his distance. After an hour he finally started walking around a little bit, holding my hand, of course. I had brought a little inflatable ball, but he wasn’t too interested. We found a valve in the floor where the water came rushing out, and that put a smile on his face. A little before noon we headed back to the locker room for more drama. Back into clothes and coats and hats. Wintertime swimming was just as much of a pain in the ass as I’d suspected it would be.

I had a Living Social coupon to a burger joint I’d been wanting to try, Z-Burger, so we headed there for lunch. It was crowded and a little hectic, but we managed to find a table where we could enjoy our burger, fries, and hot dog in peace. I also got a chocolate malt, which was fantastic. Sort of made up for my stressful morning. The burgers and fries were quite a bit like Five Guys, so pretty tasty. But the location isn’t very convenient for me, so we’ll probably only make it back the next time we go to the pool. Which was such a pain with the train and the winter coats, I doubt we’ll do again anytime soon.

In typical fashion, Liam fell asleep on the way home and didn’t want to nap when I needed him to. So I put on the Baby Show and was actually able to get a lot of work done. God bless the TV! He even came in to ask me for snacks when he got hungry. He’s getting to be such a big boy!

Later in the afternoon we went back outside, and after running around the yard a bit, I convinced him to see if our next door neighbor Cade was home. We’ve been meaning to pop over for a play date for weeks now, but between illnesses and busy schedules, this was our first opportunity. Liam discovered Cade had a wood train set, so he was in love at first sight. We’re going to try going back again next Friday morning to play again. I think he had more fun at Cade’s than the pool, and it certainly was a lot easier to just run next door!


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