Ain’t So Bad

March 9, 2011 at 10:14 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

So looking back it seems I’ve been kinda hard on that kid of mine. Sure he’s a typical tantrum-throwing two-year-old, but he’s also, like, the awesomest kid ever sometimes. Like in the mornings when I take my shower, I let him pick out a toy, we take it into the bathroom, and he sits on the floor and plays while I take a nice, long, hot shower. Occasionally he gets upset, but he’s quickly soothed by my singing The Sound of Music or Somewhere Over the Rainbow. He just hangs out in there with me, not getting into things, not flushing the toilet or trying to open the door. Just playing quietly for however long my shower takes.

In the grocery store he is so super cute. He sits in the cart and chatters away at me. “Mommy, lights on!” as he leans his head up and points a chubby finger. I get a running narrative of what we’re putting in the cart. “Eggs!” “Nanas!” “Mo-mo!” Which is milk, by the way. The check-out ladies always flirt with him, and as we roll toward the door he shouts, “Bye bye!”

Today we hit a bit of a milestone. In the car he was getting upset on our way home, so instead of just singing like I normally do, I asked him if he wanted me to sing. He said, “Mommy, sing song. Duck song.” And just like that, he has started making requests. So I went into my rendition of Six Little Ducks, and he started shouting, “Widdle Waddle, Widdle Waddle!” along with me. Then I got a resounding, “Yay!” and clap at the end. All the way home I named songs I always sing to him, then he’d repeat the name, and I’d sing it. The Boat Song (Row Row Row your Boat), the Rainbow Song (Rainbow Connection), The Spider Song (pretty self evident, heh). I have a feeling I won’t be choosing my own repertoire any longer.

And not to belabor the issue, but Liam really is pretty damn smart. He knows so many colors, even pink and gray. He loves to shout out the colors of cars we pass on the street or the socks I pick out for him to wear. He knows all of his letters, naming them when I point to them, and with his magnetic letters, finding one I ask for from a jumble and bringing it to me. When we watch Super Why in the mornings, he shouts out the super letters that fly up on the screen. Now he counts to eight. It might be, “One, two, four, five, eight!” but he gets there. He can name a ton of shapes. Triangle, rectangle, oval, diamond. Even octagon and hexagon, thanks to a shapes puzzle he has.

And best of all, this kid loves riding in the stroller now. I can load him up, throw in some snacks and hit the trail for an hour while listening to my podcasts. I burn some calories (which, by the way, is really working. I’ve lost 6 pounds!), and I can get some tantrum-free time to myself. So as much as I’ve been complaining about how much I hate two, there are some reasons to love it. 



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  1. Whew! Cause you had me worried! I was hoping Syd would get a *bit* better but I had prepared myself for her getting a lot worse. I really don’t know how much more yelling she could possibly fit into her schedule.

    • One other thing I forgot to mention: he’s playing by himself much better these days. That really helps me get through the worst of times.

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