Day Seven, No Naps

March 16, 2011 at 4:11 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Yes, I’m counting the days. He’s having “quiet time” now in his crib, which isn’t really all that quiet. “Whiiiiinnnne.” “Daddy! Home soon!” I tried my best to wear him out today, taking him outside to run around and enjoy the spring-like weather, and I even risked driving to and from the store at his usual naptime. But he doesn’t seem remotely tired. Sigh. He’s been in there since 3:15. I suppose I should get him soon.

While I pass the time, here are some cute mispronunciations he’s been prattling on lately:

  • Potty = Boppy
  • Hot Coffee = Ha Boppy
  • Toothbrush = Boof-bwush (this is the most adorable!)
  • Pink ball = Meatball
  • Cross the street (which he announces every time we need to cross) = Cwoss Sreet
  • and he finally says “green” now! His green blanket is now “gween boo boo”

Also, he’s been talking about daddy all day long for the past week. Which makes James happy. Every hour or so he says, “Daddy home soon?” Even if it’s 8:30 in the morning. Or he’ll randomly shout out, “Bye Bye, Daddy!” or “Daddy outside!” Like he’s remembering that daddy left for work that morning. My favorite, though, is when we go up to the subway to meet James, which we’ve been able to do more frequently with no naps and warmer weather. All the way there he’s saying, “Meet Daddy!” and “Daddy subway! Daddy choo-choo!” He can’t wait to push the cross walk buttons – he still has to push all of them on each side of the street. Then down by the turnstiles he watches the elevators, waiting for the one carrying daddy. We get a lot of smiles and knowing glances from other parents on their way home from work. And unlike last fall, he full-on runs at James when he sees him, and happily lets himself be carried home. James is about as much of a fan of age two as I am, but this highlight to the end of a crappy work day really does make up for it. For the most part.


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