A Day for Milestones

March 21, 2011 at 10:12 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

There aren’t too many milestone left to conquer at age two, but one biggy is potty training. We’ve been taking baby steps, first sitting him on the potty with his pants on and reading a book or two, then trying it without the diaper. He’s never actually gone in the potty, but I figured it was best for him to get used to the idea. I don’t even do it every day. Just when I remember to.

Not expecting any actual progress, I set him on the potty this afternoon, ran into the living room to get something, and when I came back – Viola! – pee in the potty! I wouldn’t have even noticed except he put his hands down there and they came up wet, lol. Then I noticed pee on the outside of potty, and the rug, and his socks. I’m not sure if he got up a little while peeing, or if the pee guard was completely insufficient. I guess we’ll have to work on aim later. I made a big deal of dumping it in the toilet and letting him flush. “Bye bye, pee pee!” I figure I’ll keep doing this once a day for awhile, then graduate to more later. With Jill’s trip this week and cousins Brady and Devin coming at the end of April, I don’t want to get too entrenched in potty training just yet. But as long as he shows an interest, I’ll keep it up.

IMG_0370Another milestone for today, he went down a slide by himself, sitting up just like a big boy! Typically he stands at the top of the slide and won’t go down, or he’ll only go down with me. Last spring he’d go down on his belly feet first, but now he’s too scared. But today at the Ikea, he watched Jeanie and some other kids climb up the stairs and go down, and sure enough he was ready to try. And then it was like I created a monster! He wanted to try every slide he saw! Thankfully I was able to tear him away without too much fuss when it was time to eat. (Man, I love those meatballs!) I can’t wait to take him to the park and see how he does on the outdoor slides.

Oh, and he took a long overdue nap today. Woo-hoo!


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