Evie Airplane!

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“Evie airplane, soon!” is what Liam’s been saying for the last couple of weeks. Evie and Jill finally arrived last Thursday for their much-anticipated trip to DC. I was sorely disappointed in the weather – mid 40s and low 50s for their entire trip – but we made do with a lot of indoor activities.

Between Jill’s anemia and Liam’s stomach virus (both of them took afternoon naps), I ended up spending a lot of time with Evie on my own. Which was wonderful, actually. It’s amazing the stark contrast between her behavior at 3 1/2 and Liam’s at age 2. I took her to the park and had a great time climbing around with her. She went down every slide with gusto, and was able to climb on pretty much everything by herself. We pretended to be pirates on the pirate ship. I helped her across the monkey bars. When Liam was too sick to attend the Itsy Bitsy Yoga class, Jill volunteered to stay home with him while I took Evie to the class. And we had so much fun! She tried just about every pose, loved pretending to be a cat and cow and cobra, laid down on the blanket and put her feet on the wall with me, and eagerly took her turn ringing the bell. She rushed right into the closet with the other kids to get our blanket, declaring she wanted a dark blue one, which is of course her favorite color right now. I even got her to say, “Nameste,” which she said just like Liam does. (Mama-stay) I’m hoping against all hope that this means that Liam will appreciate this class or one like it when he’s Evie’s age. I can already tell I’m going to like age three a lot better.

Not to say I don’t love my boy. I really, really do. But I think something happens when kids turn two. It happened with Evie, too. I felt so close to her when I used to babysit her before she turned one. Then we moved away, and when I saw her again at age two, it was like we’d never met. She threw fits at the drop of a hat. I had no idea how to handle her. But this time around I feel like we really bonded again. She’s such a grown up little girl now, so self-reliant and smart.

DSC_0006And she had a great time playing with Liam. They had a couple of rough patches, having to share Liam’s Pooh chair and some of his toys. But she understood “taking turns” and soon enough Liam did, too. She’s learning her letters now, and on their first night with us, she started quizzing Liam. He would answer correctly, then she’d look to Jill, “Is that right?” if she didn’t know it. She loved helping out, taking Liam’s diaper to the trash or helping him up the stairs. I think she’s going to be mama’s little helper when her little brother or sister arrives in June. She also used the potty like a pro, which made up for her stubborn eating habits. She ate almost our entire stash of yogurt (which was quite a stash, since I’d bought 20 for $10 before they got there) coupled with Eggo waffles pretty much every day. And since her bedtime is considerably later than Liam’s (especially if she’s had a nap), we got to watch cartoons every night with her. But she also let us watch Enchanted and Rent with hardly any complaint, as long as we promised she could watch Up or Wall-E after it was over. All Liam ever wants to watch is the Baby Show, so I welcomed the change in the lineup. But to be fair we let them take turns choosing the programming, which seemed to work out well for our little TV junkies.

DSCN0321Lest you think we spent their entire trip vegging at our house, we did plan an outing for each day of their trip. Faced with a sold out planetarium show Friday morning, we headed to the Museum of the American Indian for some tasty (and expensive!) native grub. We enjoyed the food, but the kids just enjoyed the train ride there and back. Saturday we went to a special Lego exhibit at the National Building Museum (which was a little over their heads, but they seemed to enjoy playing with the legos), lunch at Matchbox, and then an afternoon at the DC Aquarium. Each of them squeezed in a nap in the stroller while I carried the other one in the Boba around to see the fish, so it worked out perfectly.  

DSCN0501Illness struck Sunday morning, and poor Liam and all his toys were covered in puke when I got him up that morning. Learning my lesson from last time this happened, I kept him on water and gatorade all morning, then switched to cereal and oyster crackers for lunch. He managed to hold that down and seemed a lot better, so we went over to the College Park Aviation Museum in the afternoon, and despite the cold weather they had a blast riding the little wooden planes in the courtyard. By dinner time Liam was running in circles like his usual self. But, of course, for a toddler that means nothing. Breakfast Monday morning came up all over the couch and carpet, so we decided I’d take Evie to baby yoga while Jill stayed home with Liam. Thankfully he didn’t lose anymore of his breakfast. They just watched the Baby Show until he figured out I was gone, then looked for me for a little bit before he fell asleep on the floor. He must have really been beat because he actually let Jill move him to the crib to sleep. No surprise, really, since he’d gotten up at 6:15 that morning. Ugh. At least Evie and I had a good time at yoga.

DSCN0573With Liam in better shape Tuesday morning, we headed to the Playseum in Bethesda for a couple of hours. Evie had a great time getting her fingernails painted, making cupcakes, petting animals, putting on a puppet show, and shopping in the grocery store. Liam enjoyed some of it, but like the last time we went, he wasn’t too happy with the crowds. There was much tantrum-throwing until I gave him a snack, and then the peace was tenuous at best. I don’t think we’ll be going back there again until Liam’s older. But Evie and Jill loved it! I cried Uncle around noon, so we headed to Ikea for Swedish Meatballs and some shopping. Liam happily went down the slides in the kids section (hooray!), but his mood quickly deteriorated once actual shopping commenced.

We got some great photos, which you can view here. I also shot a couple of cute videos, one of them on the train, and one of Liam at the Playseum. We had such a great time, and I can’t wait to see them again! I’m sure I’ll make it out to Kansas City once my new little niece or nephew is born, perhaps in the early fall. And maybe, just maybe, Liam will have outgrown this, erm, lovely stage he’s in right now. Sigh.

Riding in the front car of the Metro and loooooving it!
Buying out the produce at the Playseum grocery store.


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  1. That was super Mandy, thanks for sharing. Grandma will love the pictures and videos.

  2. It was so much fun watching Liam and Evie play, and I really enjoyed your blog chronicling (sp?) each day’s events. I’m so glad you got to spend time with your sister, and your kids got to spend time with each other. I always loved it when Erin, Scott, and I got together with you all. Great memories!

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