Pretty Flowers!

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This morning we had a meetup in this geeeeoooorgeous neighborhood in Bethesda with rows of cherry blossoms in full bloom up and down the streets. Sadly I left my nice camera at home, so I shot these photos on my iPhone. Not too shabby, though. I’m hoping to go back later this week to get some better shots. Liam was in rare form, having meltdown after meltdown at the playground in the park. At one point he was lying at the top of a one of those big jungle gyms, crying and kicking his feet, and then he just stopped, pointed, and said, “Flowers!” I’m kind of glad I didn’t end up bringing the nice camera – would have been too much to carry a heavy SLR plus screaming toddler. I think next time I’ll skip the overcrowded playground (which I’m positive was what set him off) and I’ll just take a hike with him in the Boba.

Afterward we headed back to my house for lunch with Cera and Jeanie, and you could just see Liam visibly relax. The kids ran around the house, then in the backyard, and then in the front until they both got tuckered out. Naps all around, hoorah!

In a few weeks Cera and I have agreed to trade off some babysitting every other week, and I’m thinking I may go back to Donna’s weekday yoga class. They’ve changed the name of it, but it looks like the same sort of mixed level, challenging class. And I love anything Donna teaches, so I’m sure it’ll be great. I’m also still taking Pilates every weekend, and the calorie-counting iPhone app is still working for me (8.2 pounds lost to date!), so with any luck I’ll finally fit into some clothes I’ve been wanting to wear this summer.

Now that the weather is finally warming up and the flowers are finally blooming, I’m inspired to get my camera out and capture some pretty pink and white blooms. James has an interview with the Orlando office on Wednesday, which has me wondering if this might be our last cherry blossom season. James tells me he “knows a guy” who has put in a good word for him, so it’s looking like his chances at getting this job are good. Certainly better than his chances are for these European positions, which he hasn’t heard anything about since he made the list over a month ago. So we’ll see what happens. It pains me to leave my DC friends behind, but with our landlord asking us to sign another year lease on a house whose rent is abhorrently high, no hope for settling down here in a house we can afford in a good school district without a miserable commute, and the money from my freelance work running out by the end of May, it’s hard not to be hopeful that we can move soon. And Orlando actually has me pretty excited. Aside from Disney, there are a ton of great kid-friendly activities, the beach is only an hour away, and home prices are half of what they are here. James spent a few years there as a kid, and my in-laws say they loved living there. So here’s hoping.


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