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Today I tried out YogaGlo, a website touting hundreds of different yoga videos you can play on your computer for only an $18 monthly membership. They offer a 15-day free trial, and since Liam went down for a nap today, I decided to give it a whirl.

Immediately I experienced the first drawback – 5 minutes in and my phone rang! It was a call I needed to take, so once that was taken care of I was able to continue. Thankfully the phone rarely rings during the day, so I doubt that will happen again. The instructor I settled on had a soothing Australian accent, and I could almost imagine my good friend Lucy teaching the class. It’s been about 9 months since I’ve done any yoga (I’ve been taking Pilates instead since last June), and coupled with the caffeine from my chai latte, I found myself feeling impatient while the instructor explained breathing and worked on rudimentary poses. Now I’m understanding why my friend Julie was so annoyed with “sleepy time” in yoga class. With Pilates you dive right in, and it’s hard to break that mindset. But soon enough we did our first downdog, and from there we moved on to more challenging poses. I was pleased to see I hadn’t lost any flexibility during my yoga hiatus, and in fact had gained some core strength to help me get through my Chaturangas. Pilates and yoga overlap quite a bit, at least in principle, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

As we were nearing the end of the practice my video suddenly stopped. I looked up to the screen and saw the “play” icon and “Play again” written underneath. I assumed I’d have to do Savasana on my own, so I did just that, even ending with my own round of Oms. This didn’t bother me in the slightest – one of my pet peeves in a yoga class is out of tune Oms. I rolled up my mat, put my props away, then went to close the window when I noticed I’d only gone about 40 minutes into the 60-minute practice. I hit play, moved the cursor to where I left off, and sure enough there was another 20 minutes, including Savasana! Afraid I’d tempted fate long enough (one never knows how long Liam will nap), I saved this practice in my favorites folder and plan to try it again another time.

Aside from the technical difficulties, overall I was pretty pleased with YogaGlo. I could practice on my own schedule and could pause if something came up I needed to take care of. Another plus I hadn’t considered before – I could practice in a sports bra instead of a t-shirt, something I would never, ever do in public (belly flab, oh, the horror!). I’ve always found it annoying when my shirt flips up into my face when doing any type of inversion or down dog. Another plus: the price. Typically I’d spend $15 or more a class in a studio, and I’d have to attend every week to get my money’s worth. $18 a month gets you unlimited access to the site, so quite a bit cheaper. On the downside, the instructor can’t correct you in your poses. But I’ve been doing yoga long enough, I feel comfortable correcting myself just by listening.

I don’t think this will completely replace my trips to the yoga studio, but it’s a decent substitute for now.  


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