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We had a full house this week as nephews Brady and Devin arrived with their parents (James’ older brother Chris and his wife Ann) last Sunday. We hit the ground running Monday morning with a ride on the Metro to the Smithsonians. Liam could hardly wait to show Brady and Devin his beloved subway. The boys each had their own digital cameras, so upon arriving at the Air and Space Museum they all started clicking away. Unfortunately Liam didn’t have much patience for our museum outings, which while fun for the adults and older children, proved to be very hot and crowded due to Spring Break. Lunch at the American Indian Museum was a welcome break in the crowd, and Liam did seem to enjoy seeing the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum. But I think we were all ready to get out of the crowd and back on the train before rush hour. After dinner (and Liam’s bedtime), James stayed home while I took the rest of the family out to see the monuments. Lincoln Memorial was still packed, but it was quite a sight to see all lit up. We walked and walked and walked down to the Washington Monument, then eventually made our way to the White House. And with aching feet (but nonetheless impressed with the sights) we made our way gratefully back to my house.

Tuesday morning James took the family out to our favorite museum, the International Spy Museum. I wisely elected to stay back with Liam, and we leisurely made our way to the Portrait Gallery for snacks and running around in the atrium until lunch. I think Brady and Devin had almost as much fun in the gift shop as they did in the museum, and they couldn’t wait to show me the gadgets they’d bought (Brady, a pair of binoculars with a light on top, and Devin, an invisible ink pen). We feasted on pizza and burgers at Matchbox, then headed home to make our famous seafood Gumbo for that night’s dinner.

Wednesday we headed to the Air and Space Museum at Dulles to show off the really, really big stuff they can’t fit at the Mall. Liam’s been a couple of times before, but I’m sure he didn’t remember, so he was just as impressed with all the airplanes and helicopters. The kids had a great time running around the catwalks, taking photos, and riding on a 3-D airplane ride. They also had a great time at the gift shop – on a lark I bought some freeze-dried ice cream to see if Liam would eat it. (He did. And asked for more.)

Wednesday night Chris and Ann took pity on poor James and I never having a night out and offered to babysit Liam while we went to dinner and movie. Liam, unsurprisingly, wasn’t happy with us leaving, but shortly after he had a great time getting chased around the house, taking a walk on the trail by our house, pigging out on lasagna, and finally hitting the hay right before we walked in the door. James and I had a nice time out seeing The Conspirator and finally redeeming our gift certificate to Red Lobster (yum!), but I think we had an even better time hearing all about the night Chris and Ann had with Liam. In fact, we had a great couple of nights staying up late and chatting with just us adults, something James and I rarely get a chance to do. It’s too bad we all live so far away from each other, but with the possibility of us moving to Orlando, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing them again soon. (Certainly if Brady and Devin have anything to say about it!)

We got lots of great photos, which you can view here. I also got a couple of cute videos:


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