Like two peas in a pod

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That’s how cute little Jean and Liam are together. I mean, look at them!


Their clothes even match! Which was a complete fluke – this morning as I rifled through Liam’s shirts in the closet, he shouted, “Want wear Thomas shirt!” and refused to let me put him in anything else. So of course, on a day I knew I’d be taking photos, he picks the busiest, ugliest shirt he owns. But it all worked out. Check out the rest of the photos here.

After our little photoshoot I packed them up in the double stroller to head home for lunch. Liam kept turning around and playing peek-a-boo with Jean. It was so cute, I had to stop in the middle of the trail and take a video:

As we neared the house I noticed it was foggy up ahead on Forest Glen. Soon I realized that was smoke, and in the distance I could hear the wail of sirens. My heart jumped up in my throat at the thought that maybe our house was on fire! I rounded the corner to see three fire engines pull up in front of our neighbor’s house.


Thankfully no one was hurt, and as briefly as the fireman stayed, I suspect it was just a kitchen fire. It sure belched out a lot of smelly smoke. The kids stood in the yard pointing and waving, and the firefighters waved back and honked their horns as they drove past. Liam, of course, said, “Peoples need help, mommy!”

Quite an exciting play date! The kids were wonderful together – ate their lunches at the table, played trains on the floor, chased each other around the house, played with balls and flowers in the back yard. And neither one took a nap! But honestly, it was so much easier to just sit back and let them play with each other, I didn’t even mind.  


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