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May 6, 2011 at 3:43 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

It’s official…James did in fact get the higher level job we were hoping for! Not only is this great news for our pocketbooks, but it also makes the last couple of years here in DC financially worth it. He’ll still take a pay cut, but only for the cost of living, a relatively small amount. (Which kills me – our rent here is at least $1000 more than Orlando. What a world we live in, eh?) So suffering through the last 6 months of this job he hates to get his GS15 was all worth it. James is noticeably happier coming home these days because he knows he’s only got a couple of months left.

In an effort to see all of my favorite mommy friends, I took Liam to Transportation Day at Mill Creek Parish Preschool in Derwood. I saw lots of moms I hadn’t seen in months – many with kids now in preschool so they don’t go to many meetups anymore. I had a great time catching up…though Liam moped in the stroller the whole time. I tried my best to get him excited about the ambulances, tractors, cranes, school buses, and big trucks in the parking lot. Kids could even climb inside and honk the horn. But he wanted nothing to do with it, thankyouverymuch. Can we go home now? He must have said that 20 times. I placated him with a small snack that he ate in the stroller. I really thought he’d enjoy himself. But when it comes to crowds, or worse yet, when it comes to me actually talking to other moms, Liam just won’t have it. This afternoon we’re getting on the train and going to one of my favorite meetups: Happy Hour at the Portrait Gallery. I’ve hosted about one of these each month, and while Liam still does mope in the stroller at first, he has gotten up to play after 30 minutes or so. It helps when we meet with the same kids, and tonight we’re meeting with a boy we just saw on Monday, so I’m hoping that will help. If not, whatever, he can sit and mope in his stroller while I drink wine. Oh, this child!

This has me wondering how he’s going to handle this whole moving business. I’ve done a little researching on Meetup groups in Orlando, and they function a little differently. They limit the number of moms, charge more in yearly dues, and require more attendance. Which could be a good thing if it means we’d see the same people more often. But I’m thinking until we’ve gotten the lay of the land, I’ll probably just lay low. Take Liam to the park, to the beach, to outings around Orlando by ourselves. If we happen to meet some kids his age in our new neighborhood and he hits it off with them, that’ll work. At least until I go completely stir crazy and change my mind. But I keep telling myself, it’s bad enough I’m taking him away from the only house he’s ever known, the only neighborhood he’s ever explored, and away from the only friends he’s ever played with. Let’s hope he doesn’t have a hard time with the inevitable transition into another house once we’re ready to buy. I figure it’s like a Band-Aid – just rip that sucker off while he’s still young enough to forget it. If all goes to plan we’ll be all settled in by the time he starts preschool, and this uprooting and moving will all be a distant dream. For both of us.



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  1. I’m sure he’ll adjust. He’s still got you & James! Have you ever checked out MOPS? (Mother’s of preschoolers) Susan’s made some friends there and I think it’s free. Keep us posted, I love you enthusiasm! Congrats to James.

  2. Shoot, I meant to say youR enthusiasm. Sorry.

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