Liam, can you say “Kung Fu Panda?”

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This is what I overheard James saying to Liam the other day. Before Liam was even old enough to comprehend TV, James would pop this on and watch it. Over and over and over. It’s seriously his favorite cartoon.

So imagine his excitement about the sequel, which hits theaters May 26. He’s been talking about it for months. After my last experience taking Liam to the movies, I figured we’d have to wait until it came on DVD to see it. I suppose we could ask a friend to watch Liam, or hire a babysitter, but it seemed so silly to see a cartoon on “date night.” And now that Liam sits still through the entire Curious George movie, we’re thinking perhaps he’s ready for a family movie outing.

Experience tells us Liam only loves movies he’s already seen a bunch of times, so we’ve decided to screen the original Kung Fu Panda at home. This morning I gave it a try:

Me: Liam, how about we watch a new movie this morning?

Want George Movie!

Ok, well, how about this movie instead? Look, it’s a Panda! Can you say Panda?


Yay, let’s put it in!

Want George Movie now! (beginnings of a fit)

Ok, George movie it is!

So we watched the Curious George movie. For the thousandth time. But I’m figuring…we’re driving two days to Orlando next weekend, and two days back. That’s a lot of captive hours in the car, and we’re bringing a portable DVD player. So with any luck he’ll be in love with Kung Fu Panda by the time we get back. And then maybe, just maybe, he’ll sit quietly in the theater, munch on some popcorn, and watch the sequel with mommy and daddy.

Yes, I know. Indoctrinating your child to love a cartoon character Clockwork Orange-style so he’ll behave at the movies. Bad parents. Baaaad.


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