Now I’m in Trouble

May 28, 2011 at 8:32 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

James has wanted a dog for years. I have wanted to not have a dog for years. Marriage is  about compromise, so I’ve always told him that when Liam can speak the words, “I want a dog,” we could get one. Really, I was joking. But now that Liam can repeat everything we say, James has been coaching him.

Sure enough, this morning Liam hugged his stuffed dog, looked at James, and uttered, “Liam wants a real dog.” All on his own. Without provocation.


Fortunately I’ve made several addendums to our agreement. Firstly, no puppies. I would prefer an adult dog that’s been house trained. Second, no children in diapers, which pertains to the second child we haven’t even conceived yet. There’s no way I’m staying home with two kids, changing stinky diapers, and looking after a dog at the same time. I’d really prefer both the kids to be in school, but I have a feeling Liam and James will gang up on me. Lastly, once a dog is acquired, James is not allowed to put in for jobs in Europe. Taking a pet overseas is quite an ordeal, so the dog would have to stay in the US. My bigger concern is having to tell the kids that they have to move away from all their friends and family to a country where they don’t speak English, and, oh, you have to leave your dog here, too.

So I think I’ve bought myself some time. James will have to ponder whether he wants a dog so bad he’ll give up on living in Europe. Honestly, I’d rather explore this whole European excursion after our kids are in college and the dog (if it lives that long) can just go with one of them. Or, we can give up on this whole silly dog thing and live in Europe for awhile. We’ll see.

In the meantime, we’re off to sunny Orlando this weekend for the big house hunt. We’re taking two days to drive there, and will hopefully arrive with our sanity intact. We’ve got movers all lined up for the end of June, and this whole thing is feeling very, very real. Yikes! We’re really moving! It’s feels weird after all this time, moving again. But it also feels like the right thing to do, for us to live the way we want. Let’s hope those don’t turn out to be famous last words.


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  1. Do not get a dog. I’m skeptical that James would help with it and they are a lot of work…even when full grown. Not to mention they are not free. Calculate vet visits, mess, grooming and kennels in before you decide.

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