Poolside bliss

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It has been crazy hot the last couple of days here, so I decided to drag out the pool yesterday. Jeanie came over for the day, and I’m tellin’ ya, these kids had a raucous time. I remember when I bought this pool a year ago, I yearned for the day I could turn him loose on his own while I lazed on the lounger next to the pool. That day has finally come. When I wasn’t snapping photos of these two cuties, I was tasked with blowing bubbles and fetching toys they threw out. Once they got bored with that, I could lounge away. Here are some of my other favorite photos:

Today, another record-hot day, Liam was on his own in the pool, and I even read a couple of Nat Geo articles while he amused himself. He still occasionally pestered me to blow bubbles (we got that awesome bubble blower from Gymboree) and help him in and out of the pool until he felt confident enough to do it on his own. (Which kills me – he and Jeanie were practically running out and back into the pool yesterday, but today he suddenly needed help.) But all in all, I feel like I’m finally able to get a little enjoyment out of playing outside. And in our new house in Orlando, it’ll be even nicer with two sliding glass doors and a spacious, covered back patio. But we won’t have Jeanie to entertain us, sadly.


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