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I’m an auntie again! My new little nephew, Milo, was born last night around 6:30. I’m still awaiting details, but my mom says Jill and Doug are doing great, and Milo so far has been a quiet baby. Hopefully that lasts. Jill told me Evie screamed so much that first night that they sent her to the nursery. And then the nurses brought her back because she was too noisy, lol! Already we can see Milo is different from his sister. I’m so happy Jill will have the chance to raise a son. I’m not sure he’ll be quite the mama’s boy that Liam is, but there is definitely a very special relationship that sons have with their mothers. I can’t wait to put together my first batch of hand-me-downs. And I definitely can’t wait until my trip to KC in September. I’m hoping I’ll get to see him sooner at our family reunion in Cincinnati in August.

Amid all the hubbub last night, I had decided to get myself in the mood for moving to our froufrou gated community in East Orlando by watching the Stepford Wives. I’d only ever seen the remake, and my friend Cera insisted the original is so much better. While the remake seemed over-the-top cheeseball, the original was both funny and creepy. And dated! But in a cult classic kind of way. Now I’m having nightmares about meeting other moms in our new neighborhood who have sparkling kitchens and an unusual urge to please their husbands!

I’ll leave you with his video of Liam I shot the other night. I should preface this by saying that, yes, Liam actually asked me to put him in the laundry basket.


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