Cute mispronunciations

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My mom says I should record these because chances are he’ll start to say them correctly and I won’t remember how cute it was when he said it. So here are a couple he’s been saying lately.

Kisses = Tusses. As in, “Liam needs give mommy tusses.”
Umbrella = Boo-llela. As in, “Daddy has a boo-lella!” which he proclaimed today at the Metro stop.

He’s got several cute mispronunciations of his own name. And since he refers to himself in the third person all the time, I get to hear them a lot. “Lee-wum needs choc-o-lut.” or if he’s in a hurry “Eeee-um needs take shoes off!” Which he usually says just as we’ve entered the house. Just sits himself on the floor, unvelcros his sandals, and whines until I bend down to take them off.

For counting, he points to each item and counts, “One, four, five!” Sometimes he throws on a six and seven for good measure.

As much as I complain about age two, this ability to communicate is so freakin’ adorable.


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