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Moving day wasn’t nearly as chaotic as I’d feared. Liam pretty much watched his Curious George DVDs the whole time, and the driver assured me he’d double-checked the manifest, so I didn’t have to check off each item as it came in. I just had to direct traffic a little, and dig out the assembly instructions for the crib. It wasn’t until after they’d left that James and I discovered what a shambles things were in. The guest bed wasn’t put together properly, they didn’t even bother putting together the computer desk or futon, and a lot of stuff was broken. IKEA furniture does not travel well. Thankfully we paid for the uber-expensive insurance, so we should get compensated for all this stuff. The only thing I’m truly sad about is our David statue – the one Grandpa Marvin gave to us after his wife Margie passed away, the one that sat atop our mantle adorned in hats we’ve collect from around the world. He had a huge box all to himself, completely wrapped up in paper. But that wasn’t enough for our clumsy movers. The base was completely shattered. With this humidity, I doubt glue will hold it together well enough to support the weight. I suppose it’s just as well – there’s not a fireplace here, so I wasn’t sure where to put him anyway.

Now the fun part begins, the unpacking. We’ve accomplished a lot in the past couple of days: the master bedroom and kitchen are completely finished, all Liam’s room is missing is his books, the living room is mostly assembled, and the bathrooms are all for the most part finished. But this house is heee-yuge, so we still have the office, the guest room, the loft, and the garage. Oh, and let’s not forget the “library”, which is completely filled with bookshelves and book boxes at the moment. That’s last on my list…though I have a feeling it’s not last on James’ list. We did manage to reassemble the guest bed, put together the futon and computer desk, and James set up my computer. But I’m dismayed to discover my speakers must still be packed. I had all these cute video to share, and no way to edit them with sound! So look for that in a later post.

I decided to take a break from unpacking today, and I took Liam to story time at the local public library. It was a fantastic program, though typical Liam sat in his stroller the whole time chewing on his fingers. They sang a bunch of songs about animals and numbers, read a story, and marched around the room. I think if we make a point of coming every Friday, Liam will get into it. Maybe. At least it’s free.

We’re one week in to our new home, and I have to say, now that the stress of moving is behind us, I’m really enjoying it here. The house is amazing. I love the lay out with vaulted ceilings and tons of windows, and the kitchen is the nicest we’ve ever lived in. My only complaint is I need a step stool to reach anything in the cabinets, and there are some light bulbs that I doubt will ever get changed. We even bought (and then returned!) a special extender to get at those hard-to-reach light bulbs, but the bulbs were screwed in too tightly. The appliances are all brand new, and I’m love, love, loving the brushed-steel fridge with ice and water dispenser. The water out of the tap smells and tastes atrocious (kind of sulphery and chlorinated), so I thought I’d need to get one of those water jug delivery services. But the water out of the fridge tastes pleasant, which is good enough for me.

I’ve noticed some funny little things. Like none of the houses have rain gutters. I have no idea why. There are little lizards everywhere, and I delight in spotting them on our porch. Though I shooed one out of the house the other day…not so delightful. The light switches in our house are all really low. Low enough for Liam to reach them. Which he loooooves. We’re not so sure. But it is nice to be able to tell him to turn off the lights when we leave a room. Something I want to instill in him, especially since his daddy brazenly leaves lights on all over the damn house.

The community is also very nice. I took Liam to the pool on Friday, and it was even nicer than I’d first thought. First off, it’s the biggest community pool I’ve ever seen. The landscaping around it is lush, and they even had these two covered cabana areas away from the pool area for relaxing. I bought Liam a life jacket toddler swim gear thingy, but he refused to put it on. I think he had more fun running around the cabanas playing peek-a-boo. I picked up a swim ring the other day, which I’m hoping is less intimidating than the life vest.

The guarded gate was pretty annoying the first weekend. We had to fill out all of this paperwork and go through a background check to be approved for a scanner for our cars, so every time we came back in we had to sit in line and get an ok from the guard. But now that we’ve gotten our stickers, the machine just scans and lifts the gate as we drive in. Today Liam saw the sticker on our window and said, “The car has a boo boo. Has a band-aid.” Damn, he’s so cute.

I found the grocery store, called Publix, and the two locations closest to our house are super nice. Very clean, great produce and meat sections, and ample parking. And both had wonderful wine selection – a nice change from both Maryland and Kansas. For some reason I don’t remember the Giant in Maryland having a wine aisle, and in Kansas you can’t even buy alcohol in the grocery store. I’ve got two bottles chilling in the fridge now. For some reason I can’t sit on my back porch without indulging in a glass. I love sitting in a lawn chair, watching our neighbor’s palm tree whip around in the breeze as a storm comes in. It’s been raining every afternoon pretty consistently, which is typical for the summer. It actually perfectly coincides with nap time, and the darkness and pitter-patter outside seem to induce sleepy time for Liam. He’s napped every day since we got here!

Now that the kitchen is put together, I bought all this meat for grilling. I hooked up the propane tank and got the grill all ready to go. Even if it’s pouring outside at dinner time (which is looking likely), the porch is covered, so I’m a go for grilling no matter what the weather. Sweet.

All-in-all I have high hopes that Orlando will be our permanent home. James seems to like his job so far (though, this wouldn’t be the first time he’s loved a job and then grown to hate it), and after the headache of this move, it’s going to take a lot for us to decide to go through that again. We’re liking the area we’re renting in, and there are a lot of very nice and very affordable houses on the market around here. We’ve decided to get our Florida drivers licenses along with our car tags on Monday, a sign of our high hopes. We’ve never, ever gotten that done so quickly. James still has a KS license, and my Maryland one is from the first time we lived there. Florida residents get discounts at all of the theme parks, woo-hoo! I found the name and number of a babysitter posted on the message board at the subdivision club house. Date night at Epcot Center is in order!


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