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We had our first visitor this weekend, James’ dad (aka, Grandpa Bob), who flew in last Wednesday. James had to work Thursday, so the three of us headed to Cocoa Beach. Being my first beach excursion since the move, I was glad to have Bob’s help navigating and carrying stuff. We found a great beach with free parking, and it was very easy to find. We didn’t have far to walk from the car, and at 10AM, we almost had the place to ourselves. The only downside: no beach umbrellas for rent. So we got a bit scorched despite our best efforts. But Liam absolutely loved jumping over the waves (assisted, of course) and playing in the sand. We had a wonderful, albeit sandy, picnic lunch, then headed back in the afternoon. Over the weekend I picked up a sizeable beach umbrella I can take along next time. We’re totally doing this again soon!

For dinner we tried one of the seafood places that came highly recommended ala google. Called City Fish, it was situated in a more rustic area of Orlando called Thornton Park. So this is where all the big trees were hiding! A little on the pricy-side, but definitely worth the expense.


Friday we headed to Downtown Disney, a stand of shops and restaurants with free admission and parking (woo-hoo!). We took Liam to the T-Rex Café for lunch, which he enjoyed immensely. I don’t think he’s ever been so entertained for a meal. He kept pointing at all the animatronic dinos and saying, “Didosaurs mooooving!” Every twenty minutes the lights would dim and a meteor shower would light up across the ceiling. Needless to say, this was the highlight of Liam’s dining experience. After lunch we popped into the giant Lego store, mostly for James’ benefit. Then we took a long, humid water taxi ride back to our car. Yes, it’s Disney, so of course it’s huge enough to warrant transportation to and from your car. There were a ton of other great restaurants there we want to try out, some that James even remembered from when he lived here before. We’re already planning date night: dinner at Fulton’s and a movie. Got to add “get babysitter” to my to-do list…


Saturday we stayed home, hung curtains, took naps, cooked out. A nice reprieve from the summer heat. We picked up okra and zucchini from the farmer’s market, and some nice lean steaks for grilling. Liam refused to put any okra in his mouth, unlike last year. So disappointing! But grandpa sure liked it!

Sunday we went to the Central Florida Zoo, completely unaffiliated with Disney, and far less expensive. I suppose you get what you pay for – it was a total let down. Not helped by the fact that Liam decided he didn’t want to see the “amimals” anymore. He just wanted to throw fits. Unimpressed by the lunch fare, we headed to nearby Lake Mary to a Scottish pub and eatery James and I had spied on our last trip down. We hadn’t actually eaten there before, but it looked like fun. Ummm…yeah, definitely fun for the boys. It was like a Scottish Hooters, with the waitresses in tiny plaid mini skirts, crop tops, and white knee socks. We had ourselves a laugh about it, especially when our waitress bent over to pick up all the sugar packets Liam threw on the floor. Aside from the, ahem, booby shirts, the food was actually quite good. I can’t wait to have Shepard’s Pie leftovers this week.

Sunday night we tried another seafood place on our list, called High Tide Harry’s. Considerably more casual than the place we ate Friday, but the price-to-food ratio was definitely satisfying. We laughed when we pulled up – it was right next to a Joe’s Crab Shack. We figured they must be doing something right if they can coexist less than 50 feet apart.

Monday morning James went back to work, and on our way to the airport we stopped for breakfast at Sweet Mama’s Restaurant. This may become a breakfast-before-flight-home tradition. The place was completely unassuming, paper plates and plastic forks, country music playing on the radio. But the food was delish!

I’ll leave you with this hilarious video of Liam playing tickle with daddy and grandpa. Be sure to watch to the end – Liam really is quite funny without really meaning to be.


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