Getting a glimpse of Disney

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LiamandKhristinaLast week my cousin Bill and his family were in town for Disney World, and Liam and I met up with them for the day. We stuffed our faces at a Wilderness Lodge-themed resort restaurant, took a bus, monorail, another bus, and a ferry back to the Disney Beach Club Resort where they were staying, scarfed down free snacks and beverages at the hotel, and swam at the pool until sun down. Liam loved it all, from running around at the Wilderness Lodge with his second cousins Khristina and Kenneth, to riding the Monorail (change trains, mama!), to playing in the sand at the resort pool. We got to see the entrance to just about every Disney park, including the Epcot center golf ball, which was quite a sight for me. I still haven’t been inside…but soon I will, I’m sure. The Beach Club pools were perfect for Liam. They had a shallow pool with this special heavy sand that stayed at the bottom, and a sand island in the middle that the kids could build sand castles on. Bill’s wife Shelly offered to watch Liam for me while I went down the water slide and floated down the lazy river. We didn’t leave until 9PM, and Shelly loaded me down with tons of leftover dinners and desserts, which I’ve been thoroughly enjoying all weekend. We’re going to try to meet up again tomorrow – they’re all killing time before their flight in Downtown Disney, and I bet Liam would love to eat lunch at that T-Rex Café again. Perhaps this really is the happiest place on Earth!


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