My, how fast they grow

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I decided today it was time to bid adieu to the crib (a drop-side, which has always made me nervous), and Liam got his very own big boy bed! We traipsed down to the Ikea, enjoyed some Swedish meatballs for lunch, then perused the kids beds. Liam jumped on them all – he was really no help in deciding. We settled on a twin-size bed with a canopy that can flip over and become a loft when he’s older. James spent the rest of the afternoon putting it together, and Liam was chomping at the bit to help out. But you know how toddlers help. It was still super cute for me to watch and take photos. Not so fun for James.

We’ll see how Liam fares tonight. We bought a video baby monitor last week so I could keep an eye on him better from our bedroom at night. I’m hoping he won’t fall out. I laid down a body pillow from my pregnancy days along the floor so he’d have a nice, soft landing. I’m sure we can get a railing if it becomes a problem. Tonight we read books in the glider as usual, and then I put him down and told him to crawl up into his new bed. He could hardly wait! I showed him how to lay down on the pillow, then pulled the sheet over him, which he promptly wiggled out of. Apparently we’re not quite ready for flat sheets. He laid his little head on the pillow, cuddled his blankie and stuffed dog, and said good night. Like a real, grown up boy. Sniff, sniff.

Thanks to my Aunt Cary for passing down some super-adorable dinosaur sheets. I was so tickled to finally get to use them.

Here are some amusing photos of Liam and James putting the bed together:


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