Less TV, More Exercise

July 29, 2011 at 12:30 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

In an effort to get out of the morning cartoon routine, I dusted off the bike, gave it a little tune up, and went for a bike ride around the subdivision. Liam hasn’t been on the bike since last fall, but he certainly remembered and was excited to ride on the back. This place is bigger than I thought – circling around every street took us about 45 minutes. The terrain was mostly flat, a nice change from our bike rides in Maryland. But the sun made up for that – I miss those DC trees. Thankfully every room in this house has ceiling fans! I should have just enough time to cool down before I’m off to yoga class at the Y.

Day care for Liam hat the Y as been a bit disappointing. Last week I tried and failed to go to the 10AM Pilates class because there were so many kids in the day care Liam wouldn’t even let me put him down. And I didn’t feel comfortable leaving him there when I couldn’t even get a care giver’s attention to let them know I was going. They told me that’s the busiest time because of another very popular class, plus it’s summer, so all the kids normally in school are in the day care. We tried the 5:15 class later that day, but it was still a little too crowded for Liam. This time I was able to actually hand him off, but he was Not Happy about it. They section of the room so the smaller babies are separated from the bigger kids. Liam sat with the babies sniffling the whole time, poor guy! They warned me that most kids take awhile to adjust, so I’m going to keep on trying. The day care seems far less crowded during the yoga class, so I’m going to stick to those until school starts, and hopefully there will be less kids there during the day in the fall. I read this article on Babycenter.com on determining whether your child is ready for preschool. Because I’ve got Liam home with me all day, it’s going to take a little time for him to adjust to a classroom situation. I can tell when I drop him off at the Y that, just like his daddy, he’d rather just be home playing with his own toys. And as difficult as all of the stages of babyhood have been, I think the most difficult for me has been putting Liam in situations I know make him unhappy, but that I also know are in his best interest. Driving home from Pilates last week and hearing him sniffle in the back seat (you know, that little choke, sniffle, sniffle, choke kids makes when they’ve been crying a long time) brought me to tears. I feel selfish going to a class and leaving him with someone else where he’s clearly unhappy. But I’m trying to remember that exercising is good for me, and socializing is good for him.

I’m hoping once we get into a a routine this will all get better. And the Y is close enough to our house that we can start riding the bike there in the fall and winter. And then afterward we can play in the park, maybe grab a bite to eat at one of the little restaurants down there. Make a day of it.



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  1. Maybe when he can start understanding the “I’m going to do something for Mommy for a while, I know you don’t like it, but when I’m done we will do something super special for you” run-around it may get better? I have little options to keep myself sane so I’ve never really felt guilty over leaving screaming Syd with babysitters as I head out the door. She get’s over it…and if not…she won’t remember anyways. He has to learn at some point…better now than at kindergarten? Maybe? Hang in there!

    It’s funny how kids can be so different. All Syd wants is to be out of this house. I pick her up at day-care and she is happy as a clam, but when I bring her home she screams. Ah well. She loves an audience…as long as it is a familiar audience.

  2. Good for you for doing something for yourself! And really it’s good for Liam too. I remember wondering how you could stand not taking any time for yourself before I had Vincent. I completely understand now. It’s hard sometimes to justify it for yourself. I finally made it to a restorative yoga class last Sunday. I felt bad leaving and I rushed right home. Guess what? The stinker slept the whole time. Good for mom and good for Vincent. I say keep trying to leave him there. If he knows that he doesn’t have any options, he’ll eventually start having fun. And if he knows that it’s going to happen as a routine, he’ll learn to expect it.

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