A funny thing happened to me on the way to the Walgreens

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Liam and I went for a little post-dinner walk to the Walgreens – about as exciting as walks get around here – and on our way I stumbled on quite a sight. If the light hadn’t been waning, I would have taken a picture. We were walking past one of the gates to a community right next to ours, the kind where you enter a code to open them. On my side of the gate were three very large birds, probably cranes or herons. And on the the other side was one of their brethren, heedlessly wandering away down the street. The three birds hopped and squawked on their side of the gate, as if to chastise him for getting through without the proper gate code. Liam, of course, pointed at the “ducks” with much enthusiasm. I didn’t stick around to see how this family feud ended, and I’m hoping no distracted suburbanites ran the poor birds over. This felt like such an only-in-Florida moment.

In other news, Liam got a haircut today, and for once he wasn’t kicking and screaming about it. We went to this place down the street called Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids. They had a similar setup to Kidville – chairs shaped like cars and airplanes, DVDs playing cartoons – and I think he was especially soothed because we brought one of his Curious George DVDs. He would only sit on my lap and adamantly refused to wear the apron, but otherwise no drama. Afterward he got a sucker, which made him very happy.

Tonight he insisted on bringing his Leapfrog laptop to bed. Like he was a little business man bringing his work home with him. He said, “Liam play computer in the dark, mommy!” And he did, for about 5 minutes. All is quiet now. A good sign. I’ll have to check the video monitor (which has been fabulous, BTW) to make sure he didn’t fall asleep with it open over his head or something. But as much as he moves throughout the night, I have a feeling it’ll find its way to the floor at some point.


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