Harry Potter

August 7, 2011 at 9:12 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

What a grand and moving end! James and I finally got around to seeing the Harry Potter conclusion, and it was every bit as enthralling as the book. In every previous adaptation I’ve quibbled over the changes the director made to the story, but in this case I feel the changes only helped enhance the action. The fight scenes between Harry and Voldemort were drawn out and much more exciting to see on the screen than to read in the book. I loved the Snape memory flashback, which brought me to tears just as I expected it to. Some reviewers criticized about lost opportunities for action, but I felt that the pace was spot on. Slow and quiet in the beginning, and riotously fast at the end.

With both Star Wars and Lord of the Rings I was able to watch the entire epics back-to-back on DVD at home once they’d all been released. I have a feeling I’ll be doing the same thing with Harry Potter once this last film comes out later this year (or perhaps early next, since this will likely be in the theater for awhile). I doubt I’ll be able to watch them back-to-back – I lost that luxury when I decided to have a baby. But I think one Potter film per night for a week would still satisfy me.

So now that this is over, what’s next? We saw the trailer for the next Twilight movie (to which James rolled his eyes and said, “Hell no. That’s all you.”). But that series hasn’t translated to film nearly as well as I’d hoped. And the first half of the last book was probably my least favorite to read. I’ll have to wait until March of next year to see The Hunger Games, which has some potential to be another huge franchise, and I really loved the books so I’ve got high hopes. Too bad I won’t be able to see it with either my sister or my friend Stacy, who were both also big fans. Hopefully by then I’ll have met some moms out here with similar tastes in books and movies.



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  1. I’m so glad you found a babysitter and got out to have some fun! I got lost on the HP series somewhere after the 2nd or 3rd film. I can’t remember! Not for lack of wanting though. I’ll tuck this series away as something maybe I can revisit by watching with my kid(s). : D

    Went to baby-yoga today. Syd must have taken notes from Liam before you left because she wanted nothing.to.do.with.it! ; D

  2. I wish we could see Hunger Games together too!! I’m getting really excited for it. I’ve been discussing the series with my brother-in-law lately, who is also a big fan, and it’s making me want to re-read them since I tore through them so quickly the first time. I still haven’t seen Harry Potter – our schedule hasn’t matched up with our babysitter’s, so I may end up seeing it solo. I’m a big dork and got teary just seeing Snape in the trailer – I’m sure I’ll be a sniveling mess in the theater. I’m glad you liked the movie, and I’m glad you had a great date night!

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