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After more than a month, Liam and I are settling into some routines. Exercising at the Y takes up much of the week. Going to the beach or pool, the library, the store, riding the bike, going for walks and cleaning the house fills up the rest. I keep thinking I should take on some freelance or sign up for play dates, but my days feel comfortably filled at the moment.

One thing I have been missing is lunches out with my mom friends and their kids. So today after Yoga I took Liam to the sushi place next door that I’d been wanting to try. The place was nearly deserted, a perfect playground for an active toddler. The waitress helped me bribe him with ice cream, which helped some. The sushi was excellent, though a little pricy. I love this yoga class, so I’m thinking of folding this into out weekly routine. There are many restaurants in downtown Avalon Park that I want to try. And most of them won’t break the bank like sushi does. Perhaps in time I’ll find some moms to invite along with us. But I honestly don’t mind going on my own. It’s a lot less stressful, especially the way Liam is with groups of people.


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