Friday’s Escapades

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Feeling guilty about our daily drownings this week, I decided to take Liam out for some fun on Friday. I found a marionette theater up in Altemonte Springs performing Alice in Wonderland – puppets, alright! I got Liam all stoked in the car (“See puppets!!”). We bought our tickets, stood in line (Liam: “Want go home now. Watch George.”), then filed into the theater. For its location in a mall, I was rather impressed by the décor. The space was quite big, with lush red curtains on the walls, red bench seats for both adults and kids, and a space on the floor for those who want to be in the front row. The owner prepped all the kids before the performance by going over the rules, like, “Please don’t talk through the performance so everyone can hear.” The lights went out. (Liam: “It’s darrrrrk, mommy!” Me: “I see that. Shhh.”) The marionettes were fun to watch, but the dialog and story were straight from the classic Lewis Carroll book, and Liam quickly lost interest. The lights went down between acts. (Liam: “It’s dark again! I need go to sleep now!” Everyone sitting around us: *chuckle*) Then Liam wanted down, and he got pissed I wouldn’t run around with him, and we had to leave. He made it an admirable 15 minutes, about half the show. Perhaps we’ll try this again when he’s a little older.

We spent the rest of our time before lunch running around the mall and throwing pennies in the fountain. After lunch, with no naps in sight, I convinced him to come to the pool. We tried a couple of maneuvers from swim lessons which he was Not Happy about. So I left him be to play on the steps with his watering can. And wouldn’t you know it, he put his head underwater TWICE all by himself and without crying about it! He even announced it, “Liam go underwater by self!” before he did it. A very proud mama moment. And I’m pleased to see these swim lessons are having their desired effect. There’s so way he would have volunteered to go underwater like that before.


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