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Other than the wind picking up, we don’t see much sign of a hurricane in our midst today. In light of that, I decided to take Liam for a picnic bike ride over to Tanja King Memorial Park. I’d heard about the water fountain there that kids can splash around in, and with the August heat only slightly abating today with the clouds and wind, it felt like a good day for it. While I was there I bumped into a very friendly stay-at-home-moms group, and they invited me to join. Yay! Typical Liam didn’t want anything to do with the big group of kids and moms. But he eventually made it down from the playground equipment to the fountain, and he delighted in running through and splashing around. We’ll definitely be heading back there again…and I’ll bring the camera next time.

On the way home we stopped at an ice cream shop I’ve been wanting to try, Pop Pop Ice Cream and More. After sampling a few flavors, we took the advice of the owner and got a scoop of the Red Velvet cake, with real chunks of red velvet cake mixed in. Oh. My. Yum. We’ll be heading back there again as well.

We ducked into the Publix to wait out a short squall, then managed to get home before the next one hit. The wind and the ice cream didn’t make for a pleasant combo coming home. But I managed to burn off just enough calories to indulge in our sweet treat, so it was worth it.


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