Baby’s First Roller Coaster

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>> Pictured here just before we were devoured by a hungry T-Rex.

Ok, not really. Although I’m sure we would have made a tasty snack, what with all the Butterbeers we’d just inhaled.

For better or for worse, on Friday we took Liam to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure with James’ friend Travis, who was visiting for a long weekend. We had lunch at the Three Broomsticks (hence the butterbeers), then took turns riding some rides. James and Travis rode the Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle ride, which was apparently very impressive, though a little stomach churning after all those Butterbeers. While they flew around the castle on broomsticks, I took Liam to Honeydukes for some chocolate-covered frogs and Bertie’s Every Flavor Beans. I made the mistake of popping one of those in Liam’s mouth without consulting the key…two second later he was spitting it out, saying, “Don’t like it, mommy.” Ummm, yeah, I gave him vomit. Another gold star for mommy!

With stomachs settling, we headed over to the Jurassic Park River Adventure, where I took a turn getting spooked by Veloceraptors and a huge T-rex, plummeting several feet on a giant raft and getting very, very wet. Liam and James got to watch, “Mommy went on the boat! Mommy’s alllll wet!”

From there we took a turn through comic-book-ville and let Liam run around under the Incredible Hulk Ride. He was quite impressed with the roaring cars. “Roller coaster goes up the hill! Roller coaster goes doooown the hill!” Then we took the walking tour through Poseidon’s Fury, which was cute, though a little campy. By then Liam was starting to fade, so I took him in the stroller to head back to the car while James and Travis did some shopping in Hogsmeade. We walked through a Dr. Suess-themed area of the park geared more toward Liam, but after the hot sun and some ice cream, he didn’t want to ride the train or play on the playground.

Just as I was nearing the parking garage, I realized Liam had fallen asleep. Rather than jar him awake getting him into the car seat, I veered into the nearest restaurant – Bubba Gump Shrimp – and texted the boys to meet us there when they were ready. I think the hot sun and ice cream had done some work on them, too. They didn’t feel like riding any more rides, despite the steep admission we had paid. To my surprise (or maybe not), James arrived carrying another Butterbeer, his third for the day. He’s such a sugar fiend! I couldn’t even finish the one I had at lunch, it was so sweet and rich. While Liam slept we ordered dinner and played Forrest Gump trivia with the waitress. James, of course, figured out all of the answers, being the trivia hound he is. 

Since we’re now Florida residents, we get discounts at all the theme parks. The one-day, one-park discounts aren’t all that much – maybe $10 – but the season pass discounts are quite enticing. We’ve been talking about getting Disney season passes, and now we’re thinking maybe we’ll alternate between Disney and Universal from year to year. That way we can come to the park on our own on a date night – without Liam – and actually ride some rides together. And perhaps when Liam is older he’ll enjoy the Dr. Suess rides. And, as amazingly exhausted and packed as our day seemed, there was a whole other Universal Studios park that we didn’t see, the one with the famous ET bike ride and Jaws popping out of the water at you. Now I really can’t wait to go back!


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  1. I keep forgetting to comment that I love that picture! You look sooo good and happy! FL suits you well! And the vomit jelly bean — LMAO!

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