Onward and Upward

October 19, 2011 at 7:41 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments
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I can hardly believe my little boy is going to be three soon! Sometimes I forget how far he’s really come. Today I decided to try out a new reward system, a sticker chart that he can populate as he accomplishes good tasks. After 10 stickers, he’ll get a special treat. We went to Michael’s this morning and he picked out the paper (red, of course!), and the stickers (dino-themed), then I drew him a chart with pictures of the good deeds he’ll need to accomplish: eating by himself, sitting on the potty, letting me get him dressed without throwing a fit (which has been a problem lately), and eating all his veggies. On the other side I drew out some rewards: ice cream, a new toy car, a lollipop. Then I explained the whole system to him. He seemed to get it…sort of. He had earned three stickers when I took this photo. But then he whined all afternoon that he wanted a lollipop. I kept having to remind him that he had to earn it. I think this will take some time to sink in.


Inspired by my friend Chance’s blog, I rearranged the pantry so all of Liam’s healthy snacks were on one shelf. And all of daddy’s unhealthy snacks are out of arm’s reach. Ideally he’ll be able to reach in here and get what he wants when he’s hungry. But for now he just points to what he’s hungry for. It’s a start.

Another huge accomplishment this week: Liam loves the slide now! He spent a year refusing to go down, and then just the other day he finally got up the nerve. Now it’s all he wants to do! I took him to the park today to snap some photos. Of course I picked a cloudy day when Liam really needs a haircut. But no bother – he’s cute no matter what!



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  1. Love the idea of a reward chart! I think we may have to make one. We had a “potty training chart” and she received “rewards” (although we called it bribery but I like your term better). =). Everytime she went on the potty she received a sticker of her choice to put on the chart (helps that she loves stickers). Also if she had an accident free day, she would get a “prize” before dinner (little toys/books from Target’s $1 bins – – simple things since they had to be infant safe too). Those were in a basket within eyesight but out of reach. Funny, but she almost always chose the books over the toys every single time. It’s been almost 3 months since she’s been potty trained and she still occasionally asks for a sticker whenever she goes on the potty.

    • I may have to alter my little rewards chart a bit — the rewards I’ve been offering him are the kind he has to wait around for, and he’s not terribly patient. Tonight James took him to Target to pick out a new toy, and I had to keep reminding him what he was getting the reward for. Perhaps I’ll try the $1 prize box and see if that makes it simpler.

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