The Ups and Downs of Almost Three

October 24, 2011 at 8:25 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

I’ve heard it said on many occasions that the only thing worse than the terrible twos is the terrible threes. In those early days of age two, I couldn’t fathom things getting any worse – the constant tantrums, the frustration that he couldn’t communicate well, the sudden picky eating. But now that Liam is nearing three, I can see what they’re talking about. Here I was thinking that Liam would turn three and suddenly all the bad two-year-old behavior would subside. Perhaps some of it will. But it will be replaced with opinions, arguments, and (egad!) no more naps!

That being said, there are also some great things that Liam can do. He talks about EVERYTHING. There’s no more guessing what’s bothering him – he’s happy to tell me exactly what he wants. Sometimes what he wants is something I can’t deliver, but now that he’s nearing three, I can reason with him about it…for the most part. He’s still not great transitioning from one activity to another. But I find if I talk it up, even the night before, he’ll remember it and decide he wants to do it. I find myself doing that a lot lately – faking enthusiasm to avoid meltdowns. I’d say it only works 60% of the time. Progress, heh.

Potty training is, well, not really going at all. I keep offering him a seat on the potty, and he keeps adamantly refusing. He keeps telling me he wants to stand up to pee, but all the literature says boys should learn sitting down first. I’m thinking of letting him try anyway – perhaps the novelty will get him more excited about the whole process. Oy, but the mess…

Today, for the very first time, Liam didn’t cry when I dropped him off at the Y. I think because they mentioned they’d get out the trains. I’m not getting my hopes up this will continue. However, I was encouraged by his behavior at the hair salon. We had to go to a new place (having arrived to a “space for rent” sign at the old place, unfortunately), and it was more of a sports-themed kids hair-cutting place. I shouldn’t be surprised by this, but Liam reacted a lot better with a guy cutting his hair. He’s been like that from day one. He still refused to wear the drape, but he sat compliantly licking his lollipop, watching cartoons, all the while saying, “Mommy, I’m getting a hair cut!” They have an $8 special on Wednesdays, so we’ll definitely be going back to this place. No more $20 haircuts, thank god!

I’m hoping our trip the library goes well tomorrow. He’s finally understanding the concept of checking out and returning books. The tricky part is getting him to go to the library at all. I think I may have overdone it trying to get him to attend story time. Perhaps I should start talking it up before bedtime tonight, lol. I’d like to run a few errands, too, but that might be pushing it. Usually after one stop, Liam is whining to go home. It used to be just nonsense crying, but now he says, “Mommy, I really want to go home,” all perfectly enunciated and so cute I have trouble refusing him. (Although, I’m not a complete pushover – he also uses this tactic for really wanting ice cream.)

Wednesday I’m planning a trip to the beach again while the weather is so wonderful (low 80s, and the lows are still in the 70s), and I’m thinking of trying New Smyrna beach, which is about as far as Cocoa, but north instead of south. It was described online as having fine white sand, which I still haven’t seen at the beaches here. And it’s another more off-the-beaten-path beach, which is perfect for Liam. Maybe we’ll see some surfers!


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