Halloween 2011

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This marks our first Halloween in Florida, and I decided to spring for some actual decorations this year. Mind you, most of the neighbors outdid us. But I figure this is a cumulative effort, and we’ll get more stuff next year. I decided to wait until the day before to get a pumpkin to carve, thinking that would stave off the rot. But turns out the pumpkin I bought was already pretty rotten, and I ended up with a hole right through the bottom of it. The front was salvageable, so I did the best with what I had. Perhaps I should add “fake pumpkin” to my decorations list.


The big day arrived, and we got Liam dressed up in his spiffy R2-D2 costume. He pretty much wanted to take it off immediately. But we convinced him he needed to show the neighbors how cute he was. Walking around the neighborhood I felt like I was on a TV show, there were so many kids out, spooky decorations, and even parents dressed up! Very cute! We made a circle around the block, filling up his modestly-sized bucket, and then headed home to man the door. We live on a small side street, so I was bummed we only got three trick-or-treaters. Perhaps if one of us had stayed home while Liam was out we would have seen more. But he was so super cute, saying “Trick or treat” in his tiny, shy voice, and then thanking each neighbor for the candy. At one point he announced, “I like candy.” Indeed. When we got home we let him choose one candy to eat. What did he choose?


A candy that combines his two favorite things: chocolate and lollipop! I “helped” him by sneaking a Kit Kat. James coached him to say, “Mommy, don’t steal all my candy!” Busted.

Here’s are more photos from our night. Enjoy!


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