The Start of a Busy Month

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I heart November in Florida. See, normally I’m not too fond of November because the weather turns blah, the sun goes down earlier, and everything dies. But not so here! I’m realizing there’s quite a bit to be thankful for in November. Not least of which was my early birthday present, the iPhone 4S! I took the above photo with it at the park, and the ease and quality far outmatch the 3G model I had before. It even has a flash! I also tested out the video component, which you can watch below.

The vertical format is a little wonky, but I can easily turn the camera the other way. It just seemed to make more sense because of the long, vertical slide. It’s so nice having a handy video and still camera that fits easily in my pocket. Plus, all my apps run lightening fast, and there’s a voice-activated “helper” component that supposedly obeys your commands – though I’ve had rather limited success using it. Still, this is a rockin’ birthday gift.

In other news, Liam’s potty training is progressing fairly well. The sticker chart is doing its job, more so now that I introduced a prize basket that I filled with dollar store toys. He’s been sitting still for diaper changes, sitting on the potty once or twice a day, feeding himself with a fork and spoon (for the most part), and brushing his teeth without fits, all in exchange for stickers on his chart. Today he actually peed in the potty on purpose (hooray!), which earned him an instant prize from the basket. So far so good.

I just finished an interesting book my mother recommended called The Introvert’s Advantage. My mom is a bit of an introvert, but after reading it, she saw several chapters that would help me as an extrovert deal with my introvert husband and son. There were chapters on relationships (though, I think James and I have worked through most of those issues on our own. It helps that I’m sort of middle-of-the-road between extrovert and introvert, and he’s not so severely introverted, according to the test in the book.) There was also insightful advice on how to deal with an introverted child, especially if you’re an extroverted parent. For instance, introverted children need a break from crowded spaces and situations. Liam will actually say to me, “I need a break.” And we’ll walk away into the corner to calm down. Some of this behavior he may outgrow, but if he’s anything like his daddy, a lot of it will stick around.

Tomorrow I’m off to Downtown Disney at the ungodly hour of 4:30 AM to buy up discounted Disney merchandise from the Disney Store. James’ boss offered to take me, and I’m hoping she’s a veteran at this and can give me some pointers. I’ve got lots of nephews (and niece!) to buy for, plus Liam. James even put in some requests.

James’ passport arrived surprisingly fast, so Monday we’re headed to the DMV to get his FL license, then on to the AAA office to pick up discounted Disney World Annual Passes. If we can manage, we may even swing by Disney for dinner and to take a look around. It will be my and the boy’s first trip, with Disney veteran James as our guide. And if we don’t make it this time, we can go with my friend Tori in town at the end of November, and we’ll probably be going again with my in-laws at Christmas. Plus James has grand plans to take a day off each month so we can go. Going to get some mileage out of these things!

Next weekend we’re headed to St. Augustine to do some sightseeing for a day. They say this is the best time of year to go. And tomorrow night is also date night: James wants to see Anonymous, and if all goes accordingly, we’ll be eating Turkish food at The Bosphorous Restaurant.

Whew. Busy November, indeed!


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