O Christmas Tree

November 27, 2011 at 10:27 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

I don’t know how I found the energy this morning, what with my marathon hot yoga class and my overindulgence of wine at the Melting Pot yesterday, but somehow I managed to put up our Christmas tree. Liam helped a lot more this year, handing me ornaments from the box and prattling on about the tree and the lights. Typically I don’t have room on the tree to put our whole assortment up, but this year I got us a mini tree for the foyer, and Liam happily helped adorn that one with our remaining decorations. I also figured it was high time I clear out Liam’s baby toys to make room for all the new big boy toys he’ll be getting, both for Christmas and his ill-timed birthday. And I figured since 90% of the gifts under the tree will be toys for Liam, we set up the tree in a corner of his play room. Should be a seamless unwrap, unpackage, and put into the toy bin. In theory. This house doesn’t have a mantle, so I had to hang our stockings along a low wall on one side of the play room. Looks quite nice, actually. I plan on waiting to put presents under the tree until after Liam’s in bed Christmas Eve. I don’t trust my two-year-old to play unsupervised in the play room among all those presents beckoning him to take a peek. I can just see it now: I finish the dishes downstairs, run upstairs to see how the boy is doing, and find him sitting amidst a sea of crumpled Christmas paper and shiny new toys. Sheesh.

The last few nights Liam has blessed us with some super-late naps (blessing and curse, really), so we’ve been taking post-dinner, after dark strolls around the neighborhood to admire our neighbor’s lights. Apparently there’s some sort of neighborhood contest in a couple weeks, and some people go all out. It’s strange to be walking around in shorts at night in late November, admiring palms trees adorned with icicle lights without any trace of icicles in the weather forecast. But you won’t hear any complaints from me! It’s amazing how quickly I’ve adapted to the weather. Tonight when I left the house I thought it a bit nippy. After consulting the weather channel app on my iPhone, I discovered it was a chilly 69 degrees. Brrrr! My dad said the high in KC was 43 today. I can’t even fathom that temperature anymore. Let’s hope I don’t have to for awhile. James has to go to DC for a week in December for training. Better bring a coat, dear! Going to feel mighty chilly!



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  1. Did you get to see the rocket launch?

    • Unfortunately, no. They bumped back the launch to Saturday, and we had a lot going on that day. But I’ve got an iPhone app that will keep me apprised of the next launch, so we’ll try again soon!

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