Mr. Sensitive

December 20, 2011 at 4:53 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Oh, Liam. My poor, sweet dear. You know how some kids just dive right into a group of children and take what they want? And some kids just go with it and pick up another toy? I suppose these are things kids pick up in day care. So I shouldn’t be surprised at Liam’s complete bewilderment when I child takes something from him, even if it’s just a little baby. Then the crying starts. Ugh. Today Liam and I spent the afternoon at one of those 5 and under play spaces just to add a little variety to our week. Liam enjoyed it only after a majority of the kids left, lol. Mostly he ran crying to me any time someone wanted to play with him. Or near him. I’d hoped his time at the Y would have helped him, but I suppose my presence makes him needier. At any rate, he had fun playing with some different toys at least. I sat in envy of the other moms chatting while they’re kids played independently. Liam squealed every time I moved away from him. Like,”Don’t leave me here with these crazy people!” Now even I start to cringe when another child approaches. This is what I get living in a house full of introverts!



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