Christmas Morning 2011: An Affair to Remember

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Picture it: James and I excitedly trot up the stairs to awaken our almost-three-year old, video camera at the ready, certain he’ll dash out the door exclaiming, “Santa came!” and basking in the glory that is Christmas morning. Instead, we got this:



Eventually we coaxed Liam out of his room to play with his new train table. He even opened a present or two, although James and I did most of the unwrapping on his behalf. And here I went to all this trouble to wrap his presents! The train table and Cars racetrack were a big hit, as was his Mack truck. I think this kid has just about every single car from both the Cars movies. He also got some stuffed toys, some clothes, bath toys, an indestructible toddler digital camera (it shoots video, too!), and a hand held computer learning game. Those last two were a bit beyond his comprehension, but I look forward to him learning to use them as he gets older.



We spent the rest of the day chatting with family on the phone and on the Kinect (Liam says, “I want to talk to Ma ma and Pa Pa on the TeeVee!”), and I prepared dinner while James attempted to keep Liam occupied. Both tasks were a challenge, mine made worse by my exasperation in cooking all my favorite Christmas sides knowing neither James nor Liam would eat them. But believe me, I don’t mind having an entire green bean casserole to myself! We cooked a simple, pre-sliced half a ham, stuffing, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, sweet and sour carrots, dinner rolls, and cranberry jelly right out of the can. Predictably, Liam ate a roll and two bites of cranberry sauce. James claimed the cranberry was his favorite part of the meal. Figures, since that was the only part of the meal he helped with. (Crank, crank the can opener, slide out with a butter knife, and slice. Hold the applause, please).


However, he decided to amend that claim once we dug into dessert. I baked a pecan pie (my favorite!) and a Peanut Butter Pie (a recipe I had to get from my sis-in-law. Thanks, Ann!). Apparently the latter turned out quite good, and James has managed to finish off more than half of it all by himself.

All-in-all it wasn’t a bad Christmas, though I do wish we could have seen our family this year. I’m hoping we can coax somebody to come down to sunny Florida next year. I mean, c’mon, it was 80 degrees on Christmas Day this year! Can’t beat that! Though, to be honest, I’m looking forward to the temperature dipping a bit in the coming months. It’s still a little weird to be wearing shorts and flip flops in December.

Next up, Liam’s birthday is tomorrow! More presents! More sweets! Yay!


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  1. Very cute, grandma Weddle will love this.

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