A Day Trip to Disney

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Meet Stanley. Flat Stanley arrived in our mailbox last week, part of a class assignment of my nephew Devin’s. We’re going to be taking him around Orlando, posing him in pictures, then sending them back to his class with a little story about our adventures. Today we ventured to Animal Kingdom at Disney World. Here Stanley is with the Tree of Life, which does not do much justice to the immense size of this tree. It really is a sight to see.

poohLiam and I (and Stanley!) had ourselves a lovely day. We took an African Safari where we encountered several giraffes, hippos, baby elephants and their mommies, and crocodiles. We strolled along paths littered with gorillas, tigers, and flamingoes (not all together, of course. Think of the mess!). We even got our photo taken with Winnie the Pooh. Liam didn’t care much for that – he mostly stared at Pooh with consternation. And then, it turns out, he shut his eyes when the flash went off!

Liam even had the patience to stand in line for a ride, a spinning ride much like the Flying Dumbos, only this was flying Triceratops. (Not sure why they picked that particular dinosaur. I supposed Pterodactyls aren’t technically dinosaurs…but at least they are capable of flight.) Anyway, Liam very much enjoyed it. His favorite, though, was the Expedition Everest!


Ummm, yeah, not riding it. Watching it. For, like, an hour. As you can see, Stanley didn’t mind. Seriously, I think this was Liam’s favorite part of the park. With the giraffes coming in a close second. He was pretty stoked about the tigers, too, especially when I told him it was like Jungle Book, which we’d just watched last weekend. In fact, the whole Asian part of the park reminded me fondly of that movie.

Stay tuned for more Stanley adventures this weekend when Grandpa Bob comes for a visit!


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