Stanley Goes to Sea World

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Today Stanley and the family took a trip to Sea World in Orlando. We had to bundle up for the unusually cold day, only 60 degrees for a high! Stanley wasn’t phased. As you can see he rather enjoyed swimming with the dolphins in that cold, cold water. The dolphins were Liam’s favorite animal today, too.

IMG_0696We saw a lot of sea creatures in the Arctic zone, including Beluga whales (in which Liam insisted I sing him Baby Beluga), sleeping polar bears, and a very bored walrus who kept swimming back and forth, back and forth in the same direction in his tank. We saw the dolphins, parrots, and humans strut their stuff in an impressive acrobatic aquatic show. And we watched pirates and sea lions perform an amusing play about a shipwrecked islander thwarting an evil pirate captain in pursuit of treasure.

One of the best parts of the show was the pirate mime who entertained the audience by making fun of all the people streaming in to find a seat. Grandpa Bob asked if he would pose with Stanley, and wouldn’t you know it, several kids in the audience recognized him, shouting, “Hey, it’s Stanley!” After his 15 minutes of fame, Stanley very nearly took a dive into the sea lion tank, thanks to the mischievous mime!

IMG_0699That wasn’t Stanley’s only brush with danger. After watching the dolphins for a very long time, Liam wanted to see the alligators. As they sunned themselves, our dare-devil Stanley fearless ignored the warnings to stay off of the railing. Good thing he didn’t tumble in!

Stanley and Liam also enjoyed watching all the thrill seekers on the two roller coasters in the park. They were both too short for the height requirements to ride, so they had to settle for riding the carousel, the miniature train, and the whirling Jazzy Jellies. I doubt either of them will be big enough for the roller coasters anytime soon.


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