Stanley Sees the World

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Today we took Stanley and the family to Epcot Center at Disney World. Stanley got a whirlwind tour of countries from around the world, or Disney’s version, at least. Uncle Collin and Liam loved Italy with its bridges, towers, and gondolas. Posing with the Bell Tower from Venice reminded us of our trip to Italy years ago, before Devin was even born! Next stop, Paris, France, where we savored the smell of fresh pastries and pretended to thumb our noses at those, “Stoo-pid Am-aaar-icaans.” We passed exotic Morocco with its latticed architecture, strolled through a very ornate China, then headed to lunch in a Mayan pyramid in Mexico. We ate delicious enchiladas with chips and salsa by candle light under a convincing indoor night sky.


Next stop, Great Britain, where we looked up the Fletcher name to discover our lineage. Apparently “fletching” refers to the the method of attaching feathers to an arrow, a very popular profession back in medieval times. After perusing the shops for football jerseys, Stanley wanted to strike a pose in an English red telephone booth. What a cheeky monkey!

Along our way we also saw Japan, Canada, Norway, Germany, and the United States. Liam got stamps at each pavilion for his paper Duffy Bear, and we all felt quite well-traveled!

After our world tour we took a relaxing ride on Spaceship Earth, an animatronic tour of the history of communication that’s actually inside Epcot’s iconic white sphere. We couldn’t believe they packed so much into that big white ball!


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