Disney Date Day

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It took some planning, back and forth with the babysitter’s schedule and ours, but we finally went on our Disney Date. Of course, the temperature decided to dip drastically on the day we’d picked to go. But it’s Florida, so it still got up to 50 degrees. And at least it wasn’t raining.

Bundled up and ready for fun, we headed to Hollywood Studios for an afternoon of rides Liam can’t ride and shows Liam won’t sit through. On the Aerosmith Rockin’ Rollercoaster (which I rode with Tori back in November) I very nearly lost my glasses, doh! Which totally would have sucked because they discontinued these frames and I love, love, love them. We rode a couple of tamer rides, one on the history of cinema and another special effects backlot tour. We also sat through an entertaining Indiana Jones stunt show. Oh, and of course we went on the Star Tours 3D Star Wars ride. I had been disappointed in it last time I rode it, but this time our show had Pod Racing and an underwater scene from Naboo, which I thought was way better. I still felt a little woozy with the 3D glasses, but not as bad as last time.

We ended the afternoon at the Lights, Motor, Action stunt car show, which we’d seen on a history channel special about Disney World. We knew there’d be car chases, explosions, motorcycles, and a guy lit on fire. What we didn’t know was they had added a new Lightning McQueen action sequence (pictured above). Liam would have gone BANANAS! We vowed to take him along next time we go. They also had a place where the kids could pose with Lightning McQueen and Mater, just like they do with the princesses in Magic Kingdom. Liam would totally go for that, too. He’s always telling me that Lightning McQueen is coming to our house to play.

For dinner we headed to Epcot, and I was intent on getting a nice, fat, juicy steak at Canada’s Le Cellier Steakhouse, but the attendant told us the reservation wait is 3 – 6 months. Seriously!? For a restaurant at Epcot?! Well la-dee-da! Of course, now I HAVE to eat there, so I’m going to make our reservation now for sometime in June.

James and I perused the Norwegian menu, took a ride on the goofy boat ride, and posed for a  goofy picture in the gift shop. But because I had just been to lunch at Ikea on Friday, we decided to eat at Downtown Disney’s Portobello, which accepted our reservation for later in the evening. And, man oh man, did it not disappoint! I even managed to order that steak I’d been craving, and it was absolutely perfect. We ended our date night with hot chocolates at Ghiradelli, a perfect dessert for an unseasonably chilly night.

We had such a great time, but with the babysitter and pricy dinner, I think we’ll have to wait until April before we do this again. Still, I feel like we’re getting good use out of these season passes. James is planning to take a day off work so we can all go to Animal Kingdom together in March. And I just might have to take Liam to see Lightning McQueen before the spring break kids crowd the parks.


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