Kansas City Here We Come!

April 3, 2012 at 4:16 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Tickets are officially booked! Yes! Liam and I will be spending practically the entire month of May in KC. (8th – 29th) And just in time – it’s already been 90 degrees here for a week, and I’ll be ready for some relief come May. James has yet to determine when he’s coming, likely a long weekend over Memorial Day weekend. We’ve got a trip to the zoo, fishing at Deanna Rose, and an event at Powell Gardens with the family planned. Jill and I are going to brave portraits with Evie, Liam and Milo. My grandma from Indiana (formerly from OK) will be joining us for a visit. And I’ll be scheduling play dates with my friends for the in between times. Since Liam is still a little dodgy on the potty, we’ll probably stick close to my mom’s house. And I’m sure I can manage a few nights out with friends so my parents can have the *joy* of babysitting their favorite grandson. (J/K…now Liam has to split that title with Milo!) I’m so excited!!

I’m also excited to discover that some of our Disney/Pixar movies came with digital copies that I can load onto my iPhone. So now instead of lugging a portable DVD player on the airplane, I can just pop my phone onto a stand, fold out the tray table, and Liam can stay glued to either A Bug’s Life or Up, which thankfully are two of his favorites. We’ve got a layover both ways this time, but that should give us a chance to make full use of the potty between each leg. Though I plan to put Liam in a pull-up for the flight. No sense in risking an accident…especially given our awful return flight from KC last September. Just add to that mayhem a wet seat…I shudder to think. This time I’m bringing lollipops and M&Ms to use as bribery for good behavior. Now that Liam’s nearing 3 1/2, that tactic works better.

Kansas City here we come!



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  1. Let’s plan a trip to Paradise Park for Liam, Evie & my granddaughter Ruthanne!

    • Yes, let’s!

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