Easter Weekend

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It seems Easter no longer just falls on Sunday. We were invited to a few public Easter egg hunts on Saturday, but I chose what I figured would be the most low-key one, which took place in our subdivision. At least if it got crowded and Liam freaked out, we’d just have a short walk home. We arrived just as every other kid in our neighborhood did, and it was no surprise Liam wanted nothing to do with the games and refreshments in the clubhouse where all the kids were congregating. As all the kids gathered outside for the egg hunt (more than they expected, methinks), Liam tugged me into the empty clubhouse where he could munch on donuts in peace. After awhile, I managed to talk him into gathering with the others, but once the countdown to start the egg hunt began, Liam cried out and ran the other direction. Oh, Liam! After the madness had subsided, Liam ventured out with his basket, blissfully unaware that he’d missed the whole thing. One dad of a small baby noticed we didn’t get any eggs, and he generously hid one of his in the bushes for Liam, saying, “My kid can’t eat the candy, anyway.” So sweet! And Liam, with a little nudging, claimed his egg, popped that sucker open, and wolfed down the chocolate inside.

Easter morning at our house worked much better for him. Unlike in years past, he totally got the hunting for eggs concept. He still needed a little help finding them, but once all 20 had been found, he wanted to find more. At first he started to open each one and eat the candy, but I put the kibosh on that after egg two. With peeps, a chocolate bunny, and plenty of candy-filled eggs, we should have plenty of incentive to keep up with our potty training. Just in time, too, as Liam has regressed a little bit. I had hoped the promise of chocolate would keep the accidents at bay, but after peeing his pants four times, we gave up and put him down for a nap in a diaper at 2. Sigh. At least James and I will be able to eat our special Easter gumbo in peace now.


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