Kansas City Extravaganza 2012

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We spent a good long time in my hometown this month – I stayed three weeks, and James joined me for the last week. Evie and Liam played unbelievably well this time. No fighting at all. Eleven-month-old Milo, on the other hand, had Liam all in a tizzy. Liam cried every time Milo grabbed anything from him, especially if it was his dinner. And Milo will eat anything. Mostly Evie and Liam would retreat back to the bedroom and shut the door, reminding my uncannily of how my cousin Erin and I would do the same thing when we were kids. They also spent a lot of time out on the back patio making a huge mess of the sandbox and pool. And they tore apart the back room on a daily basis. My mom got up from her chair to get something, and she shouted out in surprise, shocked to see Liam and Evie standing on the dining room table and batting their hands at the glass light fixtures. Evie seemed to derive some joy on tattling on Liam, whether he was breaking something, throwing something, or making a mess. I warned him that grandma might start keeping a tab. These two are something else.


Jill took almost 2 full weeks off, so we took the kids everywhere. We spent a day at the zoo with Camden and my grandma. We rode the new ski lift over the Africa exhibit (poor Jill only rode it one way, saying all she could picture were her kids going “splat” on the ground), and we were absolutely delighted at the new polar bear exhibit. Just as we entered the underwater viewing area, he guuuushed right in and spun around in the water. It was really fun seeing Cam again, and I was amazed at how grown up he’s become. He helped us mind the kids (volunteering to push the double stroller, then asking to ride in it when Evie wanted to walk, lol), but he also got them jazzed about some of the different animals we saw.


We had a big dinner on Mother’s Day, with all our generations represented. We didn’t even bother trying to get the kids in this photo. They were too busy running around the yard like crazy people. (Pictured: Doug, Jill, Grandpa Marvin, Grandma Weddle, mom, dad, and me)


Dad thought it’d be fun to take Liam and Evie on the Amtrak from Lee’s Summit to Union Station and back. It was a pain in the ass to get tickets (and kind of expensive for what they were), but it was all worth it in the end to see the joy on their little faces as the train pulled up and they actually got to BOARD! They loved every minute of the ride, even though the scenery was a lot of junk yards and trashy back lawns. But then we pulled into the station, and the kids ran around the toy train exhibit for an hour. We grabbed some chocolate at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate shop (chocolate dipped potato chips are surprisingly good), then we saw the time and practically ran to the train platform. Catching our breath in our seats, we realized the train wasn’t departing for another five minutes. D’oh.


For weeks before our trip, Liam had been telling me that he wanted to go fishing with Grandpa Mark and Evie. So we set off for Deanna Rose Farmstead to do just that. Of course, once he realized that fishing involved worms on hooks and slimy fish, he wanted nothing to do with it. I did manage to coax him to actually touch a fish. Then he was done. This kid is his father’s son.


We took the kids to Powell Gardens for the Fairies and Forts exhibit. Architects had designed these kid-size structures that the kids could climb around on. Needless to say, they had a blast.


We had a few play dates with friends, I had a few lunches and dinners out, and we got portraits of the kids taken with Milo and Liam in hilarious, matching iron-on ties. I had a few surreal moments flooded with my own childhood memories of people or places, and then realizing Liam would have his own memories there, too.

When James arrived he couldn’t get over how cute Milo had gotten since our last trip. Amazing how quickly they grow.


And then our trip was over. It happened so fast. Liam was wonderful on the plane, a huge contrast from our last disastrous trip. With all of these tantrum-throwing toddlers getting kicked off the plane in the news lately, I was a little nervous. But Liam dutifully buckled in during take off and landing. I let him take his belt off when we got in the air, but he even went so far as to point out that they seatbelt light was back on and I’d better buckle him in before it “gets too bumpy.” That’s m’boy.

We took tons and tons of photos, which show that we did even more than I’ve written here. I’m sure it’s hard to believe that I whittled these down from 400 or more. Yikes! And Jill promises to add more from her camera at some point. If you’re game, click here.


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