Swim Lessons: Day Two

June 6, 2012 at 3:52 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Progress! At least to me it seemed that way. Liam whined in the car, didn’t want to go to the pool, and absolutely threw a fit when they called him to come over. The instructor had to pick him up out of my arms kicking and screaming. The little boy from yesterday who was trying to console him came over and held his hand. Again, so freaking cute.

The instructor held him for a bit, talked to him for a bit, and after he calmed down, they went into the water. At first Liam cried and whined for me, “Mommy, get up! Mommy, come get me!” But his cries weren’t as loud as yesterday, and he didn’t keep it up very long. I guess it finally occurred to him that I wasn’t going to help him. Instead I put on a smile and clapped every time he resurfaced and went to the edge. He wasn’t very happy about it, but soon enough he was giving the instructor high fives when she asked for them.

His new little buddy sat down right next to him, showing him how to kick and scolding him to be quiet when he cried. Amazingly, Liam seemed to listen. There were two other girls in Liam’s little group, and every time the instructor would put this boy next to one of the girls, he’d get out and go sit next to Liam. He’s quite a bit bigger, I would say maybe Evie’s age or a little younger. I caught Liam talking with him a few times. I wanted to introduce myself to boy’s the parents, but I couldn’t really get their attention. They seemed very young, and I thought I overheard them talking in another language, Eastern European, from the sound of it. Perhaps I’ll find an opening before the session is over. 

It was a bit of a cold morning, so as the class was coming to a close the instructor moved the kids over to the steps so they could keep their little torsos under the water. That was it for Liam – he made a dash over to me, crying for a towel and begging to be “all done.” I tried to walk him back over, but he wasn’t having it. I figured he’d done so well, he deserved a little break. Poor little guy. I can tell he’s still not completely comfortable in the water. Every time his instructor pulled him in the water, he’d make this little grimace. And every time he resurfaced, he’d wipe all the water off his face with a big frown. But I think we’re getting somewhere.


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