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Wow. I haven’t sat at my computer for almost a week! And I barely noticed until I got a comment asking about Liam’s swim lessons. So here’s the skinny on my very busy, productive week:

Friday, Liam had his last swim lesson. I was hoping he’d jump into the water all on his own by now, but of course, no. But he has improved. Really! So we’ll be at this again in July and once more in August. In the meantime, I’ve decided to use this as my “before” video.

I’m sure in August he’ll be diving in headfirst and swimming a lap. Riiight.

For Father’s Day I begged James to go to Ikea so we could pick up some new DVD shelves and new bookshelves for our bedroom. We officially signed our 6-month lease extension, and since we’ve decided to put the house hunt on hold indefinitely while James looks for overseas employment, I thought it high time I spruce up this place. I dug out all our photos from a box in the garage and spent an entire afternoon arranging and hanging them. I had a batch of new photos from our photo session at Target with Evie and Milo, and now they’re proudly hanging along our stairway. Amazing what a difference a few well-placed photos can make.

So anyway, Ikea. It was a disaster. We thought stuffing him with meatballs at lunch would appease him, but for some reason he decided to throw a massive fit in the show room. We hurriedly picked up our furniture, miraculously stuffed it into our car, and drove home fuming. And I felt terrible James had to spend his father’s day monkeying with all this. I let him retreat to his bedroom for the rest of the day.

Monday we needed a break, so I asked Liam what he wanted to do. I let him set the agenda. And I was pleased with what he chose: a long bike ride to the park. We started off at “yellow park” (he’s named all the parks by the color of the equipment, lol). But just as we arrived, another group of small kids came, and Liam didn’t want to stay. Instead of heading home, he pointed in the other direction, saying, “Mommy, I want to explore.” So be it, son! So we blazed a trail through Eastwood golf community. I felt like a discoverer of the Northwest Passage as we made our way through new territory, and I delightfully discovered a bike-friendly way back to Avalon Park I hadn’t seen before. Now we can make a full circuit, about 90 minutes, and hit some of Liam’s favorite parks along the way. Yay! After a long morning ride (and sore butt!), we headed to the pool after lunch. Liam played teacher while I demonstrated floating on my back, going under water and blowing my bubbles, and swimming to the edge. He’d exclaim, “Mommy, I’m so proud of you!” He wouldn’t come out and swim with me, but he did gradually get his face in the water. I’ve decided not to push the issue. Leave the trauma for our next swim session at the Y.

Tuesday and Wednesday I rolled up my sleeves and tackled assembling all that Ikea furniture. And to break up the monotony, I suppose, I also picked up some mulch and flowers to pretty up the outside of our house. Liam enjoyed helping me garden (mostly by stealing my rake and running through the mulch). I picked up a sandbox for the back porch, as well, and Liam loved it! Then, as the afternoon storms rolled through, we got out his toy hammer so he could help me assembly shelves. I wish I could have gotten some photos, but the minute I pick up my phone anymore, he wants to stop and watch videos. Sigh.

I stayed up late last night getting the last of the shelves done. Liam would praise me every time I finished one, “Nice shelves, mommy! Good job.” He cracks me up. With some help from James, we rearranged some things in the bedroom to fit our taller, wider bookshelf bedside tables. And I think he was pleased to fit even more books on his shelf. And now with five spanking new DVD shelves in the living room, we can finally put away all the new blu-ray’s we’ve accumulated, with room to spare. And I freed up some space on our old shelves for the boxes and boxes of audio books that have been sitting in an unsightly pile behind the couch. With any luck I’ll have relegated the last of the boxes to the garage and closets. Huzzah!

And now it’s Thursday, cleaning day. And I’m so dog tired! I haven’t even started. I felt bad wasting our sunny morning cleaning, so instead I took Liam to the park. Within 10 minutes he’d pooped his pants and wanted to go home. Fine. So now it’s movie day. He’s downstairs watching The Sword in the Stone, and I’m upstairs procrastinating. Summer storms should roll in around 2, so with any luck the rain and dark will inspire a nap for Mr. Cranky (Poopy) Pants.

Speaking of which, one amusing thing did happen in this whirlwind week. While James and I were getting ready for our Ikea outing on Sunday, Liam was upstairs playing by himself. I heard the upstairs toilet flush, and I ran up there to see if Liam had actually taken the initiative to use the bathroom on his own. And he had! Sort of. I was greeted at the top of the stairs with a bottomless boy and some dirty underwear. Grinning from ear to ear, he explained that he’d pooped his pants, taken them off, and flushed the poop all by himself. I suppose that’s progress? At any rate, he was quite proud of his accomplishment, and while it wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for, I did shower him with some praise. Oh three and a half. How I love thee!


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