Not QUITE what I was looking for

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Oh, Liam. You’re never going to live this down. You know how moms of teenage sons always have an embarrassing story to tell in front of their new girlfriends? Well, this will be it.

Remember in my last post how I mentioned Liam cleaning up his own poopy pants? I thought it was a fluke. But it’s apparently becoming a regular thing. He did it three times last week.  This morning was the funniest yet.

To his credit, he did his best to go when I put the little potty seat on the big potty seat. He even managed to earn himself a prize. Feeling accomplished (we both did), I dressed him, then went downstairs to dry my hair while he played with his train table. Just as I was finishing up, I heard a tell-tale flush upstairs. I went upstairs to investigate. Just like previous times, I saw a dirty pair of undies unceremoniously flung on the carpet in front of the bathroom. But as I poked my head in the bathroom door, imagine my surprise as I see Liam picking up the hugest turd I’ve ever seen off the bathroom floor and gingerly delivering it to the toilet bowl. Gross, right? But here’s the funniest part: he was holding said turd with a copious amount of toilet paper. Because god forbid my son actually get his hands dirty! Needless to say, he washed his hands. Now I’m wondering how many times he dropped it before he made it to the toilet. And where.


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