Three and a Half

June 27, 2012 at 5:03 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments


Today Liam is officially three and a half. And while it’s not as great a milestone as an actual birthday, I’ve found Liam has changed by leaps and bounds since December, and these things are worth noting. Someday he’s going to be my big, strong, too-cool-for-hugs-and-kisses boy, and I’m going to forget all of these details.

  • We are so close to complete potty training, I can almost taste it! Actually, yuck, I would rather not. But aside from his tendency to poop in his shorts, we’ve got the rest down pat. One last, rather gross, hurdle, and we’ve got it made!
  • Liam’s gotten really into spelling lately. A month or two ago he mastered spelling Mommy, Daddy, and Liam. We spent three solid weeks reading Pete the Cat every night, and now he can spell the words Red, White, Blue, Brown, and Wet. From Pete Rocking in his School Shoes, Liam can spell School and Lunch. And thanks to Pete’s Groovy Buttons, Liam knows that 4-1=3, 3-1=2, and so on. Thanks to Jenny K. for sending those books!
  • One of Liam’s favorite pastimes is to watch videos of himself on my phone. Once I get him to the right menu, he can swipe and play them all by himself. It’s funny to watch him on the couch intently staring at the screen. Sometimes he’ll look up, grin, and say, “Someone has your phone, mommy.” When I ask him who, he happily shouts, “Liam!”
  • Liam loves to get a laugh. Whether he’s purposely counting six instead of five toes, or jumping on daddy’s back to make him groan, he does it all with a fiendish grin and belly laugh. And if the joke has staled, he’ll simply demand, “Mommy! Laugh!”
  • Liam is quite the conversationalist. His explanations always sound like this, “I need to (insert activity) because (insert reason).” His sentences are mostly complete, and usually make perfect sense. And he remembers just about everything I say. Which can be pretty amusing because I talk to myself a lot, and sometimes don’t realize that he’s listening.
  • At bedtime Liam’s been wanting me to tell him stories in addition to reading them. He always wants the stories to involve him playing with Curious George in various places. He and the Man in the Yellow Hat come to our house, or go to the park, or go on a bike ride, and then they always end with George and Liam taking a nap. One night Liam added his own ending, “And then mommy and the Man in the Yellow Hat took a nap in their bed.” I told him Daddy might not be too pleased with that scenario, so he said Daddy could come, too.


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  1. Goodness No! We LOVE Pete the Cat! We got his Shoe book for a gift…I had no idea he had others. Will have to check them out. : D

  2. According to Amazon there is going to be a 4th Pete the Cat book in Sept. about Pete saving X-mas. We discovered Pete at an art gallery in New Orleans. James Dean is either from there or likes N.O. a lot because he has many paintings with Pete in various N.O. scenes. Jon and I bought a signed print and are going to buy a Pete original on our next road trip. Please buy books to help inflate the value of our art!

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